Thursday, August 25, 2011

Considering Prophecy......

Does God still have prophets in this day and age of atrocities and lies?

Most of what we see and hear today has to be critically analyzed. We have been told so many lies by  the PTB, that only the most naive among us believe what the media outlets and the governments of our world tell us.

Most of the world really does not care, truth or lies, they keep their focus on whatever carrot the world powers dangle before them. They pull their "plow" for whomever hangs the most attractive "carrot" before them.

The true prophets throughout history have always had an unpopular message, which is why they were always ridiculed and/or killed by the powers and peoples of their age.

That being said, I bring you this from Linda Newkirk. I do not know who she is but what I am going present for your consideration rings with much reality and truth!

Third Message from our Saviour
“A False Rapture, An Alien Invasion,
The Skies the World Over well erupt with UFOs”

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

Listen carefully to My words to you this morning; for you come and you ask Me about an event in the skies the world over, which shall surely come to pass.
Hear Me in this, My Blessed Child, and write what I say, that My people may be the wiser. I say to you, oh My people, “All eyes upon Me. All eyes upon Me. All eyes upon Me!” For, any and all, who take their eyes off Me, for even a moment, in these most perilous of times, may very well be deceived and carried into the enemy’s camp.
 Then, he also has at his disposal billions of humans all over the world, who have fallen to his wicked and deceptive ways, who do his bidding and are not even aware that they do his bidding. They kill at command. They steal at command. They lie at command and all under cover of government and official business. His chain of command is very great and you, oh My people, are grossly ignorant of him and his vast armies and means to both deceive you, and to destroy you.
Do you think to outsmart Satan? Do you not know that he has been the deceiver, even from the beginning? He is master of deception and very fine at it; and he has, at his disposal, great resources and great armies, which you, as a people, are ignorant of. And, his armies are far greater than you can imagine, even one third of the stars of heaven, who were cast down with him. Yet, these are not all, but in his army are cleverly disguised robotic elements, and robotic humans, as well as great numbers of his own children, who are also human.
Yet, many of you think to fight these battles. For, even as some few of you know and understand, you fight not against flesh, when you fight Satan and his many non-human hoards, but you fight against powers and principalities of great darkness, who are not human, and were never human, but fell from the Upper Realms. They aligned themselves with Satan/Lucifer to fight against the Light, for they wished to overtake the Light. They rebelled and fell, in pride and arrogance, and are thereby filled with every evil and perverted thing; and they wish to destroy all light on this planet and /or to consume it for themselves, that they might still rise up and overtake you, who bear My light. So, they war against those of you, who bear My light.

 None of you true ones escape their watchful eyes and as I have said to you, these vast armies have been cast down, but in My mercy and for the love of My Elect, I bound them in a secret place, until there would come the right time, the time of My own choosing, to release them. So, billions, many billions of them are bound up in this secret place, but at the time of My own choosing, I shall release them and they shall come forth, many, many billions of them; and they shall fill the skies the world over. They shall come at a terrible time in the earth and at a time when many feel hopeless and in despair, at a time when many think that they will escape such terrible times.

 Through vast mind control techniques, they will gain control over the minds of many! The curious and the spiritually weak listen and many of them will obey the commands and they will willingly go and enter into these ships. And, many, who believe what is called the “early-out rapture” will believe that these ships are of Me; for their thinking is twisted and they will fall for the great mind control, which will come at them from many directions.

Many televangelists will be used, and preachers will be used, as mind controlled stooges at the hands of Satan and these very evil creatures; and these preachers, and even certain prophets, will trumpet the arrival of Jesus for His people.

Great lies, storms of lies, will beat down on the people; and such lies will seduce the weak, as great numbers, even millions upon millions of people the world over, will agree to enter into these ships.

 Oh, the woes! Oh, the great woes! Oh the fright! Oh, the pain! Oh, the suffering! Oh, the sorrows! For, many of you will be killed straight away! You will be served up to these evil hoards as one great feast, and they will feast on upon your flesh and upon your blood. For, they are not at all human, but you will see many, who are part bird and part reptile; and these are the Dragos. They will eat you alive, pecking and clawing at you and delighting in your fear as they gobble your flesh and drink your blood; for it is your life force that they wish to consume. It is your light, that they wish to devour.

 But, some of you, who enter into these ships, which will fill the skies, will be saved for greater horrors. For, they will invade your bodies and will take over your bodies and will use your bodies to further deceive great numbers of people. For, their ways are not your ways. They were once of high standing in the Upper Realms, but they fell! Nevertheless, they are not without certain supernatural powers. And, you will not understand their powers; but when you later see some that you have seen and known to go into these ships, appear again before your very eyes, you will delight to see once again your friends and family, only to be consumed and devoured alive, by the Drago, who has taken the body.

Therefore, when you see those, who go up into these ships, consider them gone and do not trust your eyes regarding them again.
 These Dragos will use these snatched bodies to take over many key positions in government, in armies, in important trades, and in important services.
 Therefore, My warnings to you to come out of the world, will be more important than ever! For, in your day to day activities, you will encounter them, yet you will most certainly be deceived by them, that is, all but some very, very few of you.
And, this deception will be to your own undoing; for I warn you now that this is coming. This is going to happen, an alien invasion/false rapture; and this will be the reward for so many, who have loved a lie and who have spread the lie, that I would come for you before you have to suffer in the earth. Have I not told you that you would be tried in the fires and tested as gold and silver, yet many of you want the easy way and you will not hear the truths, but would rather believe the lies.
Now, the great liar is among you and he is not at all stupid. He is crafty, very crafty; and he watches you and analyzes you, when you have no clue that he is even in your midst. For, Satan, that old Dragon, has been cast down, even as My servant, Linda Newkirk, has written.
There came a war in Heaven in the late Winter and Spring of 2006, just as my servant, Linda Newkirk, has told you in the writings of Revelation Twelve, and Satan was cast down. Along with him were cast down many billions of Dragos, but I commanded Archangel Michael and others of My archangels to fight and to subdue them and to round them up and to hide them in a secret place. For, it was not time for them to come forth and to take their place in Satan’s army in the earth. But, I tell you now, that there shall come a time, when I will set free these vast information of Dragos and few of you will be the wiser.
Hear Me, oh you nations, who sleep and slumber. Satan is given his time in the earth and his kingdom is in place. By the day, you can see his great evils, and they escalate in the earth, yet so many of you prefer deception. You will not see the truths of what is, of what has been, and of what is to come.
The time of the great sifting is at hand and many souls will be sifted into the fires (of hell). Also, at this time, many will make the most terrible decision to take the mark of the beast; and these souls will be destroyed. Yes, indeed, a great sifting is at hand.
Beware, oh you, who sleep in the midst of such evil; for in your ignorance, you will be carried away.
For, you will most certainly now either seek Me with your whole heart and you will walk in My statutes and keep My commandments, or you will be in the camp of Satan. For, it is either one, or the other.
Make copies of this message and distribute far and wide, that the blind may see and understand what is upon the whole world.
Make your way straight, oh My people. Keep your eyes fixed on Me. Consider Me in all things, lest you be deceived and carried away and end up in the fires! For, since there was a nation, there have never been times as severe, as what you are now entering into.
My Little One, My words, which you just heard in the spirit, when translated mean, “Stay away from the Dragon,” and I have allowed you to hear these words, even in My own language, a language that you do not know; for these words are for all nations, but especially for My people in China and the Orient. "STAY AWAY FROM THE DRAGON!"
And, with these words, I say unto you and unto all of My people. The light of My Kingdom is in the earth and it shines to every humble and obedient heart. Receive My light, oh My people and be filled; for this light is My pure love to you. And, when you see all of these things come to pass, then know that My finger tip is about to touch you, oh My Faithful Bride.

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.
As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 13th day of July, 2011,
Linda Newkirk 


glengear said...

Interesting read. Thanks!

Vatic Master said...

I believe what this post shows us is that Bill Cooper was killed for a very important reason. He was exposing just such an event way back in 1987 and warned us this was a false flag being prepared and used by the powers that be to get us to globalize to fight an alien invasion.

I have researched and posted much about this subject on my blog, about both Bill Cooper and majestic 12 as well as Schneider who survived a firefight with the dragos at Dulcy NM facility.

All of this was started with the 1966 Iron Mountain report that recommended such acts to globalize as well as "ecodestruction" of the environment to also globalize and we have seen much happening in that dept. It appears they intend to do both to get us to beg them to globalize so we can save the planet supposedly.

Its much more complicated, according to Bill, than what appears on the surface. Remember, the shamans of the Mayans say that 2012 is the "....RETURN OF THE ANCESTORS AND WISEMEN". (That interview with a shaman is on my site back in January, I believe) That means aliens will be coming, but they are our aliens, good guys, according to Bill Cooper.

The powers that be want us to fight them as bad guys and do so at the same time they globalize. The airforce has now, new technology for their space ships that are now powered by antigravity machines and they are trianular in shape. They also have new HOLOGRAPHIC technology that is used between the ships and the ground sources of energy (haarp) that can throw images up against the sky. We saw that with the Norway Spiral. As Rahm Emmanual has stated "Never let a good crisis go to waste". I believe they intend to do a false flag from space and blame it on our good guys so we will operate out of fear. I have so much evidence to support this through various blogs, beginning with "Michael Tsarion: The Origins of evil". Watch that video series and use them as the beginning foundation for the rest of the blogs under Bill Cooper a nd Schneider. If you have a problem finding them, email me direct at

Bill Cooper was a navy intel officer and saw the top secret documents that provided this scenario and he exposed it in his writing of the gov majestic 12 program. The bad guys are already here as schneider also exposed and was also killed for doing so.

Be very very careful... remember these evil ones are masters of deception and manipulation. Do not be fooled in the wrong way and harm any efforts on our behalf to bring these evil ones back under control.

Vatic Master said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I believe this period of the return of the "ancestors and wisemen" is what triggered the evil ones to push their agenda now, rather than either before or later. The bad guys were quarantined here millenia ago and that is why they hate this planet and want off of it and are working on the star gate to get out of here, but the good guys want them out of the universe and isolated so they can do no more damage everywhere else. I believe it was the good guys that stopped all nuke false flags and why the bad guys had to turn to attacking the nuke plants everywhere and to use the DU poisoning to get the same affect for their depopulation program.

I know this sounds squirrely, but after you read all that I have and the documentation and the ancient writings, you will see for yourself. Why do you think "The Book of Enoch" was removed from the Bible?? Its because he is so detailed about the visitors from "heaven" and descriptive about what they did and could do and would do. Remember, he was raised up into heaven without dying. He and many others were taken alive before the earth was destroyed by water. I believe the dragos were so successful in reproducing that their evil was were the norm and why the planet had to be purged. Just my humble opinion.

Sorry for all the rants, but this has been an incredible journey for me. I started out not believing at all in aliens, and the research was so overwhelming, that I had to let go of my resistance to all of it. But any violence or damage done by so called aliens will not be real, it will be false flags done by us. Remember we now have a military ship in space that is the size of an aircraft carrier and space weapons that are lasers, so be assured we are the ones who will do any harm to people on the planet.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

I've always wondered about the prophets avops, and John the Baptist. You need a lot of free cash to not work AND get your words inserted into the MSM, of any age.

Prophets seem to be, in the main, telling us of things to come from the past again. Not really foretelling, just recycling the cycle.

Hope you are well.

Avops said...

@ incoming!

Prophecy is what it is...... take it for what it is worth to you!

All is good here, hope you are too ;-)

Anonymous said...

When old news becomes current news! Looks like they were right 100 years ago, in fact the grape harks back to biblical times.

Grape seed extract kills head and neck cancer cells, leaves healthy cells unharmed

Grape-seed extract kills laboratory leukemia cells, proving value of natural compounds Dec 31, 2008 | not rated yet | 0
Whole grape – seed and skin – may be perfect colon cancer fighting food Jun 02, 2011 | not rated yet | 0
Yale scientists to study DNA repair in cancer cells Oct 25, 2007 | not rated yet | 0

Grape seed extract creates these conditions that are unfavorable to growth. Specifically, the paper shows that grape seed extract both damages cancer cells’ DNA (via increased reactive oxygen species) and stops the pathways that allow repair (as seen by decreased levels of the DNA repair molecules Brca1 and Rad51 and DNA repair foci).
“Yet we saw absolutely no toxicity to the mice, themselves,” Agarwal says."

How long have I been talking about the grape cure around here?

Never say I lead you astray, always talked about this one.


A13 said...

HI Avops, how are things?
hope you are well :)
and hello to dubs :)
hope you are well to..i'm missing you guys on the blogs..
Cheers A13

Avops said...

A13 and 'mick',

Thanks for stopping by!!

All is well, I've just been doing more reading instead of posting.

I'm at a loss for words to convey what I see in my daily journey... at least for words that would be of any effect ;-)

A13, I read everything that you post! ... and dublinmick, I miss you man!!


Anonymous said...

Avops I still leave some links and do some jawing at

And at Nina's on artlifewest and of course chucky.

I am a bit like you, don't know what to say, said mostly what I thought probably needed to be said on my blog and reaching only 600 or so people a day was a bit like talking to myself. Once in awhile something pops up though

Bho sent this one

Stay in touch. These sounds are real.

I am going to insist on an honorary from the Russians, been saying about the same it seems forever.


Anonymous said...

This one is always good for a refresher, it tells us a lot.


Anonymous said...

By the way AVOPs that is one of the nicest things anyone has said to me since I have started the blogging thing.

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