Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lost NASA Footage Reveals Mission to Mars - Fact or Faked?

Project Redsun: First Manned Mission to Mars?
Contributed by Zach Royer

Image at Left: A picture that would show Edwin E. Buzz Aldrin on the surface of Mars in the year 1970, as Commander of the first manned space mission of the Project Redsun, for the conquest of the Red Planet. Source

Below is a copy of the original video footage that was uploaded to Youtube, of the second supposed mission, which included Russian Cosmonaut Vladimir Ilyushin. At first glance, the footage seemed too incredible to believe, which was the first red flag. After watching and re-watching the video, it's also apparent that it could be faked because of all the "zooming" going on - another telltale sign... Read the rest HERE!

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