Saturday, June 18, 2011

Churning In The Washing Machine Of The Chosen

It's Clean!

It's Sanitized!

It's good for you too! Now with extra cleansing power!

It's the new and improved main stream media complemented by the "alternative news" sites.

It boggles the mind how the major news outlets downplay every disaster that has happened. It's always the same. This or that is bad but the government has it all under control. There is no outcry to action or real warnings of how to protect ourselves from this onslaught of calamity.

Now why would a free press cover up the reality of our world? To prevent panic? No, because the panic is there in everyone, it's just below the surface of consciousness! Could it be to keep us ignorant and unprepared for their depopulation plans? No, because most people are aware that there is something brewing in our future and no amount of sugar will remove the bitterness of that brew.

The tension is everywhere because reality just doesn't match up with the stories we hear form the media. On the main news feeds, the economy is OK, on the less traveled news sources we are on the verge of global collapse!

The alternative news sites are churning out stories of plague-like apocalypse,  death from radiation, sun changes, ice ages eminent, you name it, it is being published to the web to cause fear in the hearts of the citizens of this planet!

Fear is in almost everyone today. Sure we keep it hidden just beneath the surface because no one wants to appear to stand out from the herd. We take our meds, we douse ourselves in alcohol and recreational drugs to keep the panic from exploding, we are the consummate actors in the production of reality.

As we tumble in the washing machine of the powers of this world, we keep thinking that we will be cleansed of all this fear. If we just keep working and trusting our governments everything will work out. The stains on our lives just need a little pre-spot-cleaner, just a little more detergent, maybe an extra rinse cycle and all this panic will just be a bad joke that we will laugh about with our grandchildren.

The alternative "truther" blogs seem to be suffering from the same problems as the main stream news. There are some bloggers that are going from being a "light in the wilderness" to scared little men cleaning all traces of real news from their sites so as to avoid being "got by the man"!

Other sites just regurgitate stories from other sites that feed the fear factor that is responsible for the inaction of the masses.

The most truthful and honest bloggers are dropping out or questioning their abilities by reason of repeating the same message over and over is of no effect.

Lots of the "truthers" are bent on destroying the one thing that people have in their armor against the insanity. That is faith! Some trusted sources are telling us the the word of God is not the word of God. The bible is a fiction wrote to control the masses!
Others are pushing the Gnostic scriptures which are ramblings of pathetic, power hungry agents of deception who blend some of Gods truth with plenty of lies and errors.

It is beginning to look like there is no one to trust on any subjects of importance anymore. We are being washed and sanitized of the very things that make us human.

I may be stubborn, but I will continue to believe in the faith of my childhood, the Good News of The Kingdom of Heaven! I may have lots of stains on my earthly countenance, but in the coming Kingdom of God, I am promised a world without tears, a world run by the righteous for the righteous.

It all comes down to choice, continue to be tumbled by the worlds washing machine, or open the lid and crawl out.

It's all temporary anyway.


dublinmick said...

Sorry you feel that way partner. I am going to links that use as little corporate connection and youtube as possible with a few exceptions and use their won words. You happen to be one of them. I will take you off the list if you like.

Avops said...

Hey DM, no offense meant. I just don't understand why so many are becoming mired in fear.

You have always been a beacon in this community, but seeing all the links removed from your site because of these POSSIBLE copyright infringement law changes seems to send a message of fear to readers that WE are scared to expose the truth!

I may be wrong on this, and please accept my apology if I am.

dublinmick said...

All I am doing is trying to not leave the front door open for the corps and use my own opinion as much as possible. It is not like I am quaking in my boots. What really scares me right now is having a daughter who lives on the river near Missouri.

In hindsight I admire the way the dog has operated. He has few links and almost never quotes a mainstream source and rarely even leaves a link to one. Never and I mean never streams a youtube either and once in a great while leaves a link only to one. This is smart.

Vivek does about the same and it is what I am shooting for from now on. I had dozens of links over there to sites I rarely even read or keep up with. The ones there now are the sites I actually read most of the time.

Scared little man! LOL

Avops said...

I truly hope your daughter will be safe DM, though at the rate things are changing there will probably be no "safe" place anywhere.

I DO see your point on the corporate links, and yes, the Dog Poet has the ability to tell the story in his own special way that never gets old!

It is a gift to be be able to make your point without all the visual aids, and you have that gift also DM!

Peace my friend

dublinmick said...

They have passed some of this in New Zealand and now look what is about to happen in Canada.

dublinmick said...

If you notice with these new laws it is hard to really understand what they are getting at. When they throw in phrases like "streaming by any means or means that may be invented in the future," it kind of throws up a red flag.

They are saying that performance of a copyright does include a literary work that somebody paid money to produce and they want to make it where you have to go to their website to read it and bits of pieces of it can appear in various places to constitute that piece and put it all together to prevent that. This is why it is very important I think to describe something briefly in your own words to circumvent that. That has always been the case it is just they did not want to go after it for a misdemeanor. They are getting serious now because publishers are losing money and too many people are becoming socially awake. They can say a youtube with a photo of an actor is pirating a movie if they want. A lot of people make youtubes like this also. Would you want to do five over this? This copyright law has always been a bit vague. There is still no word on whether it passed or not either.

It is the same with pics and why I took most of mine off. I use public domain from wiki.commons but there again, you are taking wiki's word they are public domain. With the older ones over 50 years old clearly you are alright. Notice the dog uses his own picture. It is unclear right now if they are saying you link to a site that has reproduced a performance work you are guilty also but that may be what they are getting at. We don't know yet.

That is all I am trying to do here. I got tired of looking over my site and wondering. I think I have it straight now unless they pull the linking bit. We will have to see.

Saladin said...

I created my blog for two reasons, one, to have a mirror for important information that may very well disappear from the original source and two, to leave a record of where I stood when history is examined. I am no one in the big scheme of things but I do have a voice and I will not remain silent, I can't do much but I can do a little. I also try to include ideas to make positive change as well. In order to bring about change people need to know how bad things have gotten, not to give in to fear but to do what they can to stop this train wreck. My two cents worth.


Avops said...

Hi Saladin,

I have great respect for your writings. There is value in archiving important articles of the apocalypse.

These copyright laws are being changed to prevent us from warning the world of these atrocities. Too many are waking up from their sleep, mainly because of the work bloggers are doing.

The time is short, and we must continue our work while we still have the light!


dublinmick said...

I think we can all agree with that Saladin. I am not the one who is proposing these draconian laws however. At present you are only looking at taking down something or at worst going to court over an article. It becomes a bigger issue when they say you need to do five years. I realize articles and information disappear and it is a problem. I would caution watching where this goes however. For me I am never going to paste exact words of any piece again, instead use my own words and be brief about that.

206 from what I am reading does not protect one. If you voluntarily even link to someone who is determined to have violated this insane policy, according to them you have abetted. The U.S. is the only country proposing criminality so far.

In the final analysis it doesn't matter what we think when it comes to doing five, it boils down to what the guy in the black robe says. Don't blame me, I am not the one proposing these laws. I am just outlining what it seems to be saying and I am doing it because there are some bloggers out there I think very highly of and thought they might want to take a look at this.

The corporations being back by Lieberman, Ted Stevens et al, don't want to lose money they want to slow down dissemination of information. Do you think your welfare is a concern to them?

This law was supposed to be rammed through Friday but I have not heard anything. If you do let me know. They say google and youtube have even come out against it but that remains to be seen. If it does go through I may have to simply drop all links to anything. Nobody can know for sure if somebody has anything on their blog that can be contrived as a violation. This could get long old soviet era round ups which in fact may be the long term goal.

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