Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What the hell is this??

Just looking around the net today, and decided to check out the NOAA weather site. This is what I found..

and then I found this one here..

Just wondering what the hell these things are?? I have been checking national radar sites daily since all the flooding in the Missouri river area and a have never seen anything like this!

So........I did a little more searching and found that Dutchsinse had seen it also and put up a video.. you can see that here.

Very strange days we are witnessing, anyone with info on these strange radar blips, please post in the comments section.

Update: from AccuWeather,

When the sun goes down and the surface begins to cool, the change in refractive index in the lowest few (to several) hundred feet of the atmosphere tend to bend the radar beam toward the surface. This bending holds the radar beam near the surface for extended distances, where it encounters scatterers that would not normally be available above the boundary layer. These scatterers include insects, bats, aerosols, particulate matter, etc., and account for the increased radar return referred to as "radar bloom."

Still seems a little strange that there are so many 'aerosols', bats, and 'particulate matter' in such a large area!


Avops said...

Maybe a possible explanation here...

or not!

dublinmick said...

Something new every day huh?

The only guess I could possibly make is maybe the Mayans are right, everything is changing.

Avops said...

The old man used to say, "the only thing constant, is change".

glengear said...

Thanks for stopping by my humble post on a regular basis.

dublnmick said...

Well after I posted this article the other day, oil spill in the yellowstone river, explosion at a French nuclear plant. I must be psychic! I wonder how oil will affect the dirt inside the Fort Peck dam? It is about to get a grease job. Are we talking insane here or not?

Russia lets freedom ring. They say you can link to them, reproduce entire article with link. What a frigging novel idea huh? The mushroom people won’t hear much about this on the teevee.

They say it doesn’t matter if fire reaches drums in los alamos, the trees and dirt are already radioactive. Monitors are on the scene however, very low levels, nothing to worry about, continue shopping, maybe grab a bite at taco bell with wood pulp filler in the hamburger.

Chupacabra? If interested go over to and read the piece on creatures flying around a mountain in Peru. The guy filmed them and they glow at night. I can’t link a youtube here in comments as they open automatically making me a potential criminal.

Avops said...

Hi mick,

I seen the article on the Yellowstone oil spill, the day before, I read a piece about the dam have slid 3 inches, makes me wonder...

We are getting NO real news about anything, just lies and cover-ups to keep the panic at a subdued level.

The tension is so high at this point that you can feel it like a heavy cloud. Around my part of the country there is very little activity for a 4th of July, very unusual!

I have been cleaning out pics and video on my pages as well, I think you are really on to something with the copyright issues.

Have a GREAT day mick!

dublinmick said...

Those pics make an article look better but aren't totally necessary and somebody can say hey that is my pic.

The ones I have up now I made from wiki public domain patterns.

David G said...

I just caught up with your site! Great to meed a kindred soul.

Keep up your good work and don't let the bastards get you down.

David from Dangerous Creation.

P.S. I'll put your link on my site.

Avops said...

Thanks David, I enjoy your site also!

Vatic Master said...

Haarp made that same ring on the radar in the middle of the storms and flooding in Australia way back a while ago. We have a pic of it on our blog. Dutchsinse has shown that many times just before or during a weather anomoly over some part of the US. His predictions based on those radars were spot on, in fact they just shut him down because of it. If he is back up then maybe he is behaving himself. LOL

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