Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Disaster Planning - 101

Another "Amazing Coincidence"

I'm not going to repeat the excellent research already done by Dutchsinse, so go here to find a plethora of details!



Anonymous said...

I don't what to make of it. I have doubts that anyone produced this however with the prez's daughter there. That doesn't make sense to me and there is little reason to haarp Mexico that I can figure. It may be though and it may be that universe is sending a message due to the time line. There have been quite a few of big quakes along that same fault in Mexico however, I think about 12,000 people died on it in the early 1900s.

Duchinse and some others seem to convey the idea that everything that happens is haarp related. I have my doubts. He thinks Japan was haarped also, I don't, I think it is like Cayce says the place is on 3 different plates and will go some day.

Zhirinovsky who knows, I don't know why he used to deny being Jewish but now says he is. The guy gets a very small percentage of the vote in Russia and nobody pays much attention to him except maybe the Brit press.


Anonymous said...

I have been harping on this a long time. I am one of those I told you so kind of guys!!

Nano gold and silver the soma of the Gods which produces the crystal skull! It is also apparently necessary for the vimana, or flying saucer of the ancient vedics.


Randy Meyer said...

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Anonymous said...


dublinmick said...

Against my better judgtement.

Olive Farmer said...

Big experiment

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