Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Road to Tantura

by Hala Gabriel

View this fascinating video here!

Work in progress. 20 Min. Please check out my website where you can see more clips and interviews that will be included in the completed documentary once I raise the funds.

It has been brought to my attention that the subtitle for Jerusalem is incorrect by indicating "Jerusalem, Israel". Jerusalem is part of occupied Palestine. In fact, all of "Israel" is occuppied Palestine. This mistake will be corrected in the completed documentary. Also, please note that my comment about Palestine "may not happen" was a comment made in despair for all the refugee's who have passed before returning to their rightful home. I do believe Palestine will return to the Palestinian people. My hope is it will happen before all of the people who experienced the Nakba in 1948 pass away. My lovely aunt Widad featured in the video has already passed away, living as a refugee her entire adult life without having the chance to return to her home.

Thank you.           


Dublinmick said...

I think they are tired of it 24/7 too

As I stated long ago don't eat the shrimp.

Anonymous said...

I certainly have a different way of thinking my friend. It comes from what some would call a mystical experience I had in the Hofburg in Vienna back on 8 February 1981. Some call him Jesus, which is not His real name and He said that those that call him Issa are his most beloved. Those he most cherished are his subjects in occuppied Palestine, He is their King. When you look at the Palestinians, certainly they are ones who fit the bill as described in the Christian Gospels, the poor, the oppressed, the homeless, the hungry. He said that it will be much worse for them, and it has. He said that in the end vengence is His and His alone and the usurpers will be wiped from the pages of history and those of His people that survive will adore Him as their true King, Sovereign and Redeemer. He explained the nature of the lies that Western Society is subject to. He also warned me that my enemy's name is called "Legion" and their false pride will be their downfall. In the eternal battle of Supreme Beneficence versus absolute evil they say the beast always triumphs. What the Darkness fails to understand is that there is a beast of the Creator which is more powerful than all the Forces of Darkness combined and Issa is her Master. Trust me, I have never been the same since. I pray for the Palestinians and for God to end their suffering and to restore them as the rightful subjects of their land.

su said...

The changes are coming.
The truth is emerging.
Love is coming to being.....

So be it..
so be it..
so be it....

I wonder what your aunts perspective is now that she has merged into the ocean. We have the capacity to move between dimensions - we just forgot how.

Dublinmick said...

I couldn't comment here earlier, trying again. Can't comment at Kenny's

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