Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Few Thoughts On A Few Things

Due to popular demand.... OK, not really demand, just a request from Dublinmick to post something since it has been a while...

Here is what’s on my mind today.

ON LIFE.... The Grim Reaper decided it was time to pay me visit just to let me know about our mandatory future get together. The SOB made me take an ambulance ride and spend 6 days the hospital.
It wasn't THE time yet, but ol' GR likes to make sure that I know he will make the collection at the appointed time.
It's kind of weird... but no matter how many times he visits, I always get this panic and fear thing going. I know, we all got to die and you would think as we get older and lose more of our loved ones, the fear would diminish a little... but.. it don't!
So much for that! Odds are good I'll be around for a while yet (grin).

ON TODAY.... Well, it was a really nice, sunny, blue-skyed day here today. Everything is still recovering from a really wicked winter and looks like shit.. but, some heat, some sun, and some time, and the great outdoors will look at lot more appealing again.
I was actually pretty amazed not to see any "chem-trailing" today! Usually, on the nice sunny blue sky days the bastards get out there and cover the blue with whatever it is that they are spraying.

ON THE USA.... I really don't know what to think any more... is it all propaganda, is it really falling apart, is it just our collective imagination? (Seriously, I know it's pretty fucked up, everyone is just in denial)
I have no answers as to fixing this mess we are in. I'm more than convinced that it is all playing out as per the Divine scheme set in motion at the beginning of creation.
I see all morality being consumed by a lust to please ones most base desires... no thoughts about the consequences of our actions!
I guess what I see... is that Love has taken leave of this world....
Politically speaking... I really don't have any political feelings any more. I am convinced that other than the Love or Kindness I can show one of my fellow humans, not much of what I say, feel, or do will amount to a fart in a wind storm!

ON GOD, THE SPIRIT, AND THE TRUTH..... As I age (damn, I hate ageing), I find myself thoroughly convinced that the purpose of this life is to get to know the Divine and to diligently seek his will in the brief flash of existence we are allowed to enjoy!
I really don't have the desire to convert anyone to my way of thinking..... no one could convince me until I found it through my own searching. So please refrain from the "there is no God" bullshit... I'll just ignore you anyway.
All I know, is that when the breath leaves this body... I'll still be here. Just different is all.
I DO want to be on the right side of the Divine though... so I will keep on searching, and, yes, praying that my faith is strong and my heart is true....

............ OK then, that is about all I got for now. You all be be good. And be kind to each other!!



Brian said...

I thought I would stop by and say hi... let's hope the GR takes his time.

Avops said...

Hi Brian,

I'm kinda hoping the GR gets preoccupied elsewhere myself (grin).

Thanks for stopping by!


wiggins said...

I'm sure his hands are full in Palestine and Syria............

glengear said...

Glad to see your still with us!

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