Monday, January 31, 2011

A Quick Break from Reality - A Kinder Gentler World

This page will open in it's own window, take a few deep breaths, and forget your worries. You will not regret watching this!!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt is Another Soros "Color" Revolution

Egypt is Another Soros "Color" Revolution
January 29, 2011
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The turmoil in Egypt is another contrived, Illuminati backed "color" revolution designed to install puppets more subservient to their London-based masters. Over the last decade, we have seen such "revolutions" in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and recent failed attempts in Burma, Iran and Thailand.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

This Silent Night - Chapter 2 - A fiction for your enjoyment...



A lone trumpet sounds. Timothy awakens, feelings of loathing and terror cause a shudder to pass through his aching body. Ever since being transferred to his new work assignment, he has dreaded sleep. “Damn, these dreams are almost as bad as being awake” says Tim. “Shut the fuck up, you know we all have them, every night” growls Demetrius.

Ever since the “Awakening”, the name given by the Chosen to their new world government, the barracks of the forced labor camps were continuously bombarded with electromagnetic transmissions specifically tuned to the human brain's natural frequency. These transmissions interfere with normal thought processes and also implant the recipients with terrifying images and punishments should they think to rise up against their masters.

Bunked together since they were transferred to the New City, Timothy and Demetrius shared many things together, but their strongest bond came from their shared hatred of the Chosen, and the Khazars who carried out the Chosen's every order with an enthusiasm that defied all reason.

The Khazars were a strange breed, with their long hooked noses and black, greedy eyes they reminded one more of some type of cosmic “blue plate special” than actual human beings, something an insane chef could not bring himself to throw in the trash and instead served up his unwitting customers this poison, disguised as a culinary masterpiece.

“Get your ass moving Tim, I'm not gonna miss my dose again 'cause you wanna drag ass”. As part of their daily routine, the “cattle” were given a cocktail of opioid pain relievers and amphetamines with their morning ration of food, so they would be more compliant in the grueling physical labor they were forced to perform 16 hours a day in the farms.

“Go on without me Dem, I gotta piss so bad my eye's are watering, I'll be right behind you”.

Tim had been a Marine back when the area known as the United States had been completely decimated by a genetically engineered virus that had mutated from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill catastrophe. Starting with birds and sea life, the virus had trans-mutated and began infecting mammals and then humans. With lightning speed, death tolls spiraled into the hundreds of millions before the virus once again mutated and no longer was lethal. But by then, it had spread around the globe and caused billions of horrible deaths.

Corpses soon overwhelmed the survivors and from this nightmare of horror the Chosen arose to power and offered a solution for survival to the broken and hopeless remnants of humanity. Their “solution” was the farms. These ghoulish operations, wrought from the minds of demons and thrust upon humanity from the bowels of hell, were nothing more than processing plants to render the dead of humanity into a viable nutrient solution for the growing of all manner of crops and fruits for the Chosen, and their minions of Khazars that had for some reason been spared the effects of the viral apocalypse perpetrated on the rest of humanity.

Tim hurried to the rations line, and pushed his way up to the spot where Deme was standing. “This shit is getting old, we got make our move soon Deme”. “Shut up asshole, they're gonna know somethings up”. Furtive glances from the “cattle” gave Demetrius a bad case of the chills. No one could know of their plans.

to be continued.........

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The State of Denial

I have done a lot of reflecting lately. I see all these terrible things going on across our world, the mass animal deaths, the poisoning of our food supply, the destruction of of our economies, the corruption of our political and spiritual leaders, etc, etc.

And yet, so many people are in denial of everything that is right before their eyes! Some days I curse this ability I have been given to see through all the bullshit. Most of the other people I know are carrying on their lives like this is just a bump in the road, something that will fix itself if only they keep a "positive attitude" and ignore the people labeled as "doom and gloomers".

If I had a choice, I would love to wake each day and be able to be happy and ignorant of the terror that surrounds us, believe me, I have tried! Apparently my brain is wired differently, or it's like certain drugs, once experienced, the neural networks in your brain are forever sensitised to it's effects.
Whatever the reason, among my circle of social contact, I'm the only one seeing the 800 pound pile of steaming shit in the living room, and no one else has access to a shovel except myself.

This is the typical day of the person that shares my house:

  1. Get up from bed about 10:00 am
  2. Log onto Facebook
  3. Tune the television onto the Today show, The View, and the soaps, after which the rest of the day the teevee is tuned to one crime drama or another.
  4. Eat whatever is the quickest and least nutritious food they can squeeze in between Farmville, Cafe World, Frontier Land, and Petville, sprinkled with lots of IM chats and quickie shape blasting games.
  5. Drink some sort of alcoholic beverage as soon they they get any kind of feeling that there may be something going on in the world that might not be quite right
  6. Spend time on the phone talking about their online games with people just like themselves
  7. Go to bed, repeat 7 days a week!
And the thing that grinds my ass, is that they are actually happy! I just don't get it. I want that, but for some reason I'm denied this simple happiness because I opened my mind to the truth, and there is no going back.

It's a heavy burden I bear, but if I can do nothing else in this life, I hope that this account will prevent anyone that is thinking of venturing into the valley of truth, to think hard and long before doing it!

Once Truth is experienced, there IS NO GOING BACK!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This Silent Night - A fiction for your enjoyment....

This fictional account, begins in a time in the not to distant future of our world, for your consideration I humbly present.........



It was a clear, dark night. Stars glittered through the frosty fog that blanketed the high desert steppes of northwest Kazakhstan like a fine veil adorning a mystical god. In the center of the New City, a towering gold and glass pyramid sat like an immense and priceless jewel perched upon the head of a barren queen. The interior of this pyramidal structure, appropriately named “The Throne”, was adorned with occult relics predating even the ancient Babylonian culture that inspired it's construction.

While parts of the world slept, dreaming the dreams of the eternally oppressed, other parts of world were busily carrying out the work assigned to them by the Mitzvah Administration Council established by The Chosen during the period known as The Awakening.

On this particular night, marking the occurrence of the Winter Solstice, The Chosen were gathered around a sun shaped table located in the exact center of The Throne. An ethereal glow surrounded the immense gilded table at which the Chosen were seated. The Chosen represented all kindred’s, peoples, and nations of the world, and in their previous positions had been Rabbis, Cardinals, Imams, Priests and Presidents. All shared an unquenchable, sinister allegiance to their Messiah who had recently revealed himself via closed circuit televisions, networked throughout the religious and political seats of power.

The events leading to this particular meeting had been meticulously played out over centuries. Agents of the Red Shield, through supernatural and demonic correspondence from the spiritual realms of the Messiah, had been instructed on the pacification and demoralization of the earths population in preparation of this momentous day.

The elimination of natural farming, culling of the animal life, and manipulation of weather systems, coupled with the distribution of toxic chemicals over the planet, had brought the “cattle”, as they liked to refer to the general populace, to complete and utter despair. The Red Shield, which is the financial and media arm of The Chosen, had destroyed the wealth of the nations, and the resulting poverty had made the cattle ripe for this final step of complete control.

The aura in the meeting room of The Throne was thick with anticipation. After all, the Chosen had long awaited this day. Their heads bowed in reverence, their bodies rippling with a combination of fear and euphoria gave the illusion of a giant beast in the throes of a ritualistic, orgasmic coupling.

A lone trumpet sounds. The glowing sun-shaped table begins to pulse in a grotesque, yet somehow entrancing mix of colors and shapes. At the center of the table and slightly above it's surface, the holographic image of the Messiah suddenly springs forth like a magical phallus. With his ever present guardians, three on his right and three on his left, the scene is strangely reminiscent of a living Menorah. The Chosen fall to their knees at the sight of His countenance, not so much out of reverence, but out of fear that they may displease the One from whom their power was given.

The image of the Messiah slowly begins to rotate, surveying His Chosen Ones. Ever so slowly a smile forms on His strikingly handsome face, and a golden glow slowly envelopes his image, His lips part, and he begins to speak, “Arise my faithful and devoted servants, for in this night My destiny is about to be fulfilled”.

To be continued..........

Chapter 2 here...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Google Apology

A "funny" thing happened on a recent Google expedition. I entered the word "Jew" into the search engine bar and noticed an apology in the top right corner first position of the results page. Naturally, being the ever curious blogger that I am, I clicked on the link, and what to my wondering eyes did appear? This page from Google with a profuse apology for delivering offensive content to my computer screen!

As a side note: I also entered terms into Google's search engine that contained what most people would consider to be racial slurs to various ethnic groups, resulting pages displayed NO apologies to any of the numerous ethnic groups that were found by the search engine!

*Any chance that this is an indication of WHO controls what we can find on the Internet?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Virtual Food is Good for You!

JP Morgan Profits From Poverty!

Another part of the puzzle is put in place with the disclosure that the Rothschild jewish run banking cabal is once again creating fiat currency, in the form of Food Stamps! According to the video posted here, JP Morgan is creating huge profits from the administration of the EBT food stamp programs, as to be expected, profits are also being shared with jewish FaceBook owner, Mark Zuckerberg. We are being manipulated into a "subsistence living" mindset by our jewish masters, virtual farming on Facebook, living on the virtual vegetables we grow on our Farmville acerage!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

PTSD, Stockholm Syndrome, and the New World Order

Why are most of the worlds people so apathetic? Why are we so forgiving of the atrocities and theft of our freedoms that are blatantly perpetrated before our very eyes?

We seem to accept every new terror and cataclysmic event by offering more of our rights and freedoms to the very Powers that create these events. We accept the explanations offered by the Media, even though their explanations fly in the face of common sense, or even the most cursory examination of the facts!

Are we the victims of major PSYOPS (Psychological operations) which "alter the behavior of a person, without altering their beliefs"?

The governments and elites have invested untold billions of dollars, and uncountable decades researching how the masses respond to terror, oppression and fear. They have full knowledge of how we will react to any given situation, and how to manipulate those reactions to best serve their ultimate goals.

Let's define a few terms before we continue,


What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, is an anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to terrifying events or ordeals in which grave physical harm occurred, was witnessed, or was threatened. Traumatic events that may trigger PTSD include violent personal assaults, natural or human-caused disasters, accidents, or military combat.
PTSD can cause many symptoms. These symptoms can be grouped into three categories:

1) Re-experiencing symptoms:

Flashbacks—reliving the trauma over and over, including physical symptoms like a racing heart or sweating.

Bad dreams.

Frightening thoughts.

Re-experiencing symptoms may cause problems in a person’s everyday routine. They can start from the person’s own thoughts and feelings. Words, objects, or situations that are reminders of the event can also trigger re-experiencing.

2) Avoidance symptoms:

Staying away from places, events, or objects that are reminders of the experience.

Feeling emotionally numb.

Feeling strong guilt, depression, or worry.

Losing interest in activities that were enjoyable in the past.

Having trouble remembering the dangerous event.

Things that remind a person of the traumatic event can trigger avoidance symptoms. These symptoms may cause a person to change his or her personal routine. For example, after a bad car accident, a person who usually drives may avoid driving or riding in a car.

3) Hyperarousal symptoms:

Being easily startled

Feeling tense or “on edge”

Having difficulty sleeping, and/or having angry outbursts.

Hyperarousal symptoms are usually constant, instead of being triggered by things that remind one of the traumatic event. They can make the person feel stressed and angry. These symptoms may make it hard to do daily tasks, such as sleeping, eating, or concentrating.

Since 9-11, the Media has been almost exclusively focused on terrorism, crime, natural disasters, and war propaganda. A constant exposure to this type of information immerses the public in a "world gone mad"  scenario of existence. We question our safety at every turn, the neighbor next door could be a mild mannered serial killer, our trust in the basic humanity of our peers is destroyed! We are bombarded daily by images of murder, rape, war, and famine. Repeated often enough, this visual stimulation is accepted by the human brain as reality. The mind cannot distinguish whether things have happened internally or externally!
Stockholm syndrome is a term used to describe a paradoxical psychological phenomenon wherein victims express adulation and have positive feelings towards their victimizers that appear irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, essentially mistaking a lack of abuse from their abusers as an act of kindness.
The following are viewed as the conditions necessary for Stockholm syndrome to occur:

Victims who develop Stockholm syndrome often view the perpetrator as giving life by simply not taking it. In this sense, the captor becomes the person in control of the captive’s basic needs for survival and the victim’s life itself.

The victim endures isolation from other people and has only their abuser's perspective available. Perpetrators routinely keep information about the outside world’s response to their actions from captives to keep them totally dependent.

The abuser threatens to kill the victim and gives the perception of having the capability to do so. The victim judges it safer to align with the perpetrator, endure the hardship of captivity, and comply with the abuser than to resist and face murder.

The victim sees the perpetrator as showing some degree of kindness. Kindness serves as the cornerstone of Stockholm syndrome; the condition will not develop unless the abuser exhibits it in some form toward the victim. However, victims often misinterpret a lack of abuse as kindness and may develop feelings of appreciation for this perceived benevolence. If the abuser is purely evil and abusive, the victim will respond with hatred. But, if perpetrators show some kindness, victims will submerge the anger they feel in response to the terror and concentrate on the abusers’ “good side” to protect themselves.

In cases where Stockholm syndrome has occurred, the victim is in a situation where the abuser has stripped nearly all forms of independence and gained control of the victim’s life, as well as basic needs for survival. Some experts say that the victim regresses to, perhaps, a state of infancy; the victim must cry for food, remain silent, and exist in an extreme state of dependence. In contrast, the perpetrator serves as a 'mother' figure protecting the 'child' from a threatening outside world, including law enforcement’s deadly weapons. The victim then begins a struggle for survival, both relying on and identifying with the abuser. Possibly, victims’ motivation to live outweighs their impulse to hate the person who created their dilemma.
Most people consider their governments to be benign, and concerned for their welfare. Even when shown that atrocities, and acts of terror were caused by those whom they trust, they maintain a state of denial!

This is why governments maintain social support services such as food programs, pensions/social security, medical programs and other benevolent programs. This is the EXACT recipe for bringing about the Stockholm Syndrome!!

Abuse and control, tempered with the illusion of generosity are part of the psychological warfare now being waged against humanity on a global level. We have all been shown the agenda of The New World Order players, thanks to the Georgia Guidestones monument erected in the United States. In the speeches given by our world leaders endorsing the need for a New World Order. It is obvious that our leaders have an agenda, and it will NOT be in our best interests, but will only further their insatiable desire for more power and control!

They (governments) already control our money, our ability to work, our medical care, our speech (via the cries of racism and anti-semitism), parts of the world are already controlling our reproductive rights, and people of faith are portrayed as fanatics and terrorists!

The Georgia Guidestones in
Elbert County, Georgia USA
The culling of the non-essential humans is already beginning, via weather modification, creating food shortages and conditions that will breed infectious diseases! Floods, earthquakes, drought and famine are daily headlines across the globe. Reports of mass animal deaths are becoming a daily routine. New viruses are popping up everywhere. Industrial "accidents" are destroying our natural resources at an alarming rate, leaving millions stewing in un-godly mixtures of chemical waste!

Knowledge and spiritual awakening are our only weapons in this fight for our very existence! Get right with your Higher Power, stay informed, spread truth to whoever will listen, and remember that all who seek the truth are brothers and sisters, love one another!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Operation: Kill Grandma

Having an elderly mother  who is quickly depleting her finances, today's post will be a tribute to the PTB (Powers That Be) in our society, and their dedication to the destruction of the Goy.

If you are a senior citizen, or have parents who are seniors, take the time to educate yourself on the the "program" your Representatives are working. Check the links, get educated, don't blindly follow the Main Stream Media!!

And away we go........

From the Daily Paul

So just how does one live WITHOUT social security?

Submitted by LibertyBaby on Thu, 01/06/2011 - 20:02

in Daily Paul Liberty Forum

With all the energy now aimed at cutting Social Security (and not the Trillion Dollar Wars) by both political Parties (including Obama's own deficit commission), just how then is one supposed to live -- without Social Security?

Many jobs and occupations become unsustainable as you become older and older. People's physicial abilities and stamina simply diminish (through no fault of their own), and also the underlying technologies and skills required change and transform with time so rapidly that even well educated people can become de-facto obsolete in their jobs, and no longer marketable. And the stress level and exhaustion level for many jobs just aren't well suited for people that are in their 60s. Finally, its just a fact that health issues will make older people more frail, more vulnerable, and less effective than younger people. While there are some occupations that can be sustained into old age (successful book author, owning a successful business that's mostly run by others, etc.), many, many professions and occupations cannot be sustained. People simply need to retire, and they cannot just work until "they've fallen and can't get up" (and then how do the bills get paid?). Retirement is a necessity for most.

So to retire at the age of 65, you would need to create a yearly revenue stream for yourself that would support all of your expenses, and could last for up to 35 years.

So if you need $40,000-per-year to pay for all your housing/taxes/health-care/food/utilities/automobile/phone/internet/insurances/and other miscellaneous expenses, then this means one of two things:

1) You have savings of at least: $1,400,000.00 (40,000 * 35 years), and therefore can draw down $40,000 each and every year - until the point where you will eventually be totally broke then at age 100. Of course, if you live up to 100, or you have a major surgery or hospital procedure that Medicare won't cover, or you have some other unforseen expenses, then you're screwed anyway -- even with 1.5 million.

2) Your savings (however much that is) can be put into some investment that will predictably and safely generate back $40,000 a year, and also not lose its principal value. With interest rates at 0%-1% I don't know what the hell that would be -- such an investment simply does not exist.

So please tell me, how the heck do you retire without Social Security? This is just impossible for 95% of the population.

In today's times with the cost of living so damn high, people living from paycheck-to-paycheck, and Employers not giving raises, how does anyone possibly save up a whopping 1.5 Million dollars?

Most people can't even afford to buy one house (and those that do are borrowing virtually all the money).

And where oh where can you ever put your money and invest it in something -- such that it is not put at any risk, and can also generate back a steady $40K or so for paying all the bills over the course of the year?

There is no such investment. It doesn't exist.

So, for people who are not wealthy, what do you do without Social Security.
The vast majority of the people, are going to need it. But if there is some secret alternative investment strategy that I haven't heard about that will magically produce the scenarios of 1 or 2 (above) -- I'd sure like to know about it.


Here are some links to related news articles....

Jewish groups adjusting agendas for new GOP-led Congress

Slashed Medicare payments could close 10 percent of family medical practices – new survey

Doctors say Medicare cuts forcing them to shift away from elderly

Is 2011 The Beginning of the End for Medicare?
"But the bottom line is that all Americans — not just Boomers getting ready to sign up for Medicare — must recognize Medicare is the really big federal deficit elephant in the room."

Really.....this is the biggest problem with the budget, not the HUGE TAX CUTS for the elite, not the cost of the MULTIPLE WARS we've engaged in, not the FOREIGN AID we send around the globe?

I could make this list very long, but I won't because if you care, you can search this subject for yourself!!!

Damn it, I just can't stop myself! Here are a few things we don't mind spending money on!

U.S. Aid To Israel

Elected officials make a pretty penny

15 government programs we don’t need

........and one more I just couldn't stop myself from posting,

Jews' Insecurity Blocking US Mideast Peace Plan

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Passing Gas, The New World Order Way

Here we go.....

Reports are coming out that the recent bird and fish kills are being caused by Phosgene Gas  released during the regularly scheduled Chemtrail fly-overs. Allegedly, the people reporting this have documents to support this theory and are urging us to contact the media.

Phosgene Gas is considered a WMD ( weapon of mass destruction ) under international laws.

Phosgene gas poisoning can also mimic flu symptoms. This leads me to speculate on the recent "clustered" outbreaks of flu being reported at various cities around the globe!

E-medicine web sites on Phosgene Toxicity

The video posted below features  Colleen Thomas alleging this gassing of our planet by the chemtrail brigades we see in action everyday across our skies.

I will attempt to find some credible sources to verify this allegation, and will post more at that time!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!!

Good afternoon, this is Avops with Todays Fearline News, at the top of the news today, BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID!!! Thats it for today's news, thank you and good night.

Seriously.........we should all be scared shitless, I mean standing around with wide open eyes, shaking knees, back of your pants drooping from emptying your bowels kind of scared shitless!
With everything that is going on in the world right now, the only thing our Main Stream Media can focus on is the shooting of a U.S. representative who was virtually unheard of till this incident. Not that this isn't important, but damn, we are killing hundreds across the globe in our various struggles for democracy and freedom every phekking day! Israel is killing Palestinians everyday in the name of freedom and democratic principles. So let's have some Fair and Balanced News reporting out there! Come on, we know you have got highly paid shills stationed across the globe, so lets hear from them. Unless their pants are full of shit also, there IS a LOT of fear out there, so I suppose it keeps them busy wiping their shit-covered asses and changing their pants instead of reporting the news.

I think I may be rambling here, I'm not sure though because the frikking Fluoride in my drinking water has really got my brain all docile and kind of weird today, plus the damn Chemtrail dust is settling all over my damn computer, and I keep stepping on the flipping Dead Birds my cat keeps dragging in the house, plus the smell of tons of dead fish and crabs has got me nauseous. And then there are all the damn Foreclosure notices piled up everywhere because I can't find a fekking job that pays anywhere near the wage my last job paid.

On top of all this, I am running out of GMO food that that I have to share with all the other unemployed lazy motherputters that can't find a Job, standing in line at the food bank, because my tax dollars are paying American corporations to send my fracking work to some country that has even less food and human rights than I do.
Oh yeah, and my tin foil hat keeps vibrating so hard from the god-awful HAARP emissions that are changing the weather around this sorry-ass planet, so the damn grain shortages in Russia are really cutting into my Food Stamps purchasing power, which wasn't even enough to begin with, not to mention that I would much rather have a JOB to buy my own food anyway!!
Wow, I really think I need a larger dose of ##@**! Paxil or Lexapro or whatever the hell it is I'm taking to stop me from the depression that I think I have because everything is so freaking weird all the motherdripping time!

I would pack up my shit right now and move to someplace in the U.S. that has a good economy, but I can't seem to find that place no matter what I type into Google. Plus there seems to be some kind of fuel shortage going on that is raising the price of gasoline so high that all I can do is sit in my car with the radio on. Of course there are rumors that the problem with the skyrocketing prices of everything is being caused by the Federal Reserve Bank printing so much new money through QE 2 or 3 or whichever one they are on now, is making my Fiat Federal Reserve Notes worth less by the day, but the Main Stream Media just can't seem to get to the bottom of this particular mystery.
For God's sake people, can't we get SOMEONE in charge of all this shit inspiring, fear drenched, fucked up, shriveled up, starving, blood covered planet we call home, to understand that we get the message already??? Seriously, we get it!!! You have all our money, all our rights, all our freedoms, our childrens futures, and every other #@#@#! thing I can think of in your tender loving hands! We get it!

So quit scaring the crap out of us, NOW!!!                                   
I really fucking mean it!!!!
Just as soon as I get this damn Cheetos dust off of my fingers and finish my dollar-a-glass beer, I am so gonna BLOG YOU, you wont know what hit you!!

******* NEWS FLASH******

********** BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID *********

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Astana, A Desert In Bloom?

I had never heard of Astana, the Capital of Kazakhstan. Apparently they have kept this city quite well hidden from us, I just stumbled across this today and was amazed at the occult architecture that abounds in this petro-rich ex-soviet satellite country.

Please check out these links and photos, and form your own opinions, I know that I have already formed some opinions of my own about this place.

And be sure to check out the video on Astana, posted for your convienience below.........

From Wikipedia: History - Russian and Soviet eras

"A unit of Siberian cossacks from Omsk founded a huge fortress on the upper Ishim in 1824, which later became the town of "Akmolinsk". During the early 20th century, the town became a major railway junction, causing a major economic boom that lasted until the Russian Civil War.
Kazakhstan hosted in the Stalinist era a series of Gulag-like labour camps, in total 11 camps that housed up to hundreds of thousands of internees and their families. Outside Astana, there once stood the ALZHIR camp, a Russian acronym for the Akmolinskii Camp for Wives of Traitors of the Motherland, one of the most notorious in the Gulag archipelago, which was reserved for the spouses of those considered "enemies of the people" by the government under Joseph Stalin.[5]

In 1961, it was renamed "Tselinograd" ("Virgin Lands City"[6]) and made capital of the Soviet Virgin Lands Territory (Tselinny Krai). The city was at the centre of the Virgin Lands Campaign led by Nikita Khrushchev in the 1950s, in order to turn the state into a second grain producer for the Soviet Union. The high portion of Russian immigrants in this area, which later led to ethnic tension, can be traced to the influx of agricultural workers at this time. Additionally, many Russian-Germans were resettled here after being deported under Joseph Stalin at the beginning of World War II, when Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union."

From BBC, a great description of Kazakhstan!

The Vigilant Citizen has done supurb research on the city of Astana, see their page here!

Also, a special thanks to Incoming!!!!! over at PHEKKWITZ AHOY!!!!! for pointing out this place to me.


Pyramid of Peace


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back In The Day........

A boyhood friend of mine died the other day. We grew up across the street from each other, in a little town in Michigan, about 3 thousand middle-class folks, in 1960's America.
It was a whole different world back then, and his death brought back a lot of memories that I had not thought of in many years.

All our houses were pretty much the same back then, 2 or 3 bedroom developer houses, our houses were different colors, but the layouts were all about the same. We lived on a dirt street that they sprayed with old motor oil 2 or 3 times a year to keep the dust down, nobody knew it was carcinogenic back then, I'm not even sure we used that word back then. Wow, those were some innocent times!

It was a really big deal was when they put in the cement street in front of our house, wow, I will never forget all the huge machines, the modern world was finally coming to our little corner of the world!

The best part, was after the road crews and the machines had left, we had the perfect place to lay patches of rubber on from our banana seat equipped Stingray bikes.

We all went to kindergarten at the little school at the end of the street. That was the meeting spot for the neighborhood kids. On those lazy summer days, after the frivolous play in the water sprinklers, and catching the ice cream guy pedaling his bike/cart through the neighborhoods (begging for a chunk of dry ice to make mischief with), we would meet up at that school, after dinner, and have pick-up games of football. The big kids in the neighborhood would get to pick the teams out of our motley crew, the goal was not to be the last one picked!

My Dad, he kept up our baseball diamond in the big field behind our house. Baseball was another one of those neighborhood things back then, Dad would mow the diamond in the rough field grass every year, then the other Dads scrounged up some old posts and wire fence, and built us a backstop. Us kids, well, we decided we needed a dugout, so we grabbed shovels and scraps of wood, and made ourselves a dugout, just like the big leagues.

The summer skies were so blue back then, no such thing as chemtrail clouds. When the clouds rolled in, it usually meant we were going to have a storm. Man, we had some cool storms back then. Me and the Old Man would hang out in the garage together during the thunderstorms, he would be manning the broom, sweeping away the water before it would get in the garage, God, we were innocent!

Neighborhood fights, yeah, we had them. Only back then, we could settle things ourselves. No guns, or knives. Just pull apart the fighters, go home with a bruise or two, and get your butt spanked by one of your parents. We actually learned to respect adults back then, no 911 in those days. People were actually able to solve their own problems, no lawyers, rarely the cops.

Kick the Can, that was the ultimate summer-time game for us. Kids for a 2 block radius would get together for those. We could play that till after dark back in the day. Hiding in bushes or trees, under porches, whatever it took not to be IT! Good times were had by all!

We were all so innocent back then, yeah, we had our secret camps in the woods out back where we got to see the neighborhood girls hoo-hoo's for the first time, camping out in pup tents, finding the Old Man's playboy magazines. But innocent in way that we can never go back to, innocent of a Government that is not full of wonderful new things like landing on the moon, or building new freeways ( I remember when they were still building them, it was something to see!), Presidents like JFK, who really seemed to care about the country he ran!

I could recall lots more from the days of my youth, but like my childhood friend, they are gone forever.

Rest In Peace my Friend!

Friday, January 7, 2011


I have been so tired lately, soul breaking, bone crushing tired!
Everywhere I look on the web there are signs of the end of our civilization as we know it. The recent worldwide bird and fish kills, the real threat of global starvation from spiraling food prices , the outright raping of our social support systems, and on, and on , and on.........

The future is looking so bleak for so many, it's just mind-boggling.
No wonder so many are just shutting down, mentally and spiritually......none us were prepared for the reality that we may soon be fighting for a place to lay our heads at night, a hot meal, clean water, and even the possibility of being imprisoned by those who rule us. This wasn't supposed to happen here, these are the things that happen to Third-World, uneducated, dictator run peoples.

Sure, we have been watching the signs for at least 10 years now, but we were just making conversation, pretending that it was just paranoia, working our jobs and thinking that these stories about people losing everything and living in tents only happened because these were stupid folks, maybe drug addicts or mentally ill, not people like us! But now, it's here, and I mean in your face here! Every day, I see more houses for sale or just empty. Every week I see the lines at the local food bank get longer. Every month I see the wages of job openings (what few there are) drift closer to minimum wage. And now our rulers are seriously talking of eliminating minimum wages laws!

Let's do some quick math here, $8.00/ hr X 40 hours = $320.00 pre-tax money. Just for simplicity, lets say 10% of that $320.00 is taken for taxes, that leaves $288.00 a week, so in an average month you will have $1152.00 to spend on necessities to keep going to your minimum wage job.


-$500.00 - rent
-$150.00 - utilites ( gas/electric)
-$25.00 - laundry cost
-$250.00 - food
-$20.00 - personal hygiene needs
-$200.00 - gasoline/ vehicle maintenance
-$50.00 car insurance
equals minus $43.00 a month!

Now we are really doing great here, right? What if you happen to get sick, or have a major breakdown of your car? But this is the future our rulers have in store for us!

What power do we have to change this future? None from what I can see, our Government is untouchable anymore, Business is salivating at the thought of getting college educated workers at the lowest possible wage because of the desperation of the working class. Speaking of college education....see this

All of my brother bloggers out here are pointing out the same general problems in society that I am, some like to blame the Zio-Pharisees, some want to blame the Government, others just put the blame on We the People. It really makes no difference at this point who is to blame for our dire situation, the fact remains that this is today's reality.

We are being pacified by the fluoridated water supply, our health is being stripped from us by processed, genetically modified foods, our spirituality is being beaten down by the media and the money-worshiping preachers in most mainstream religions.
So now that we all know what our future lives are most likely going to be comprised of, what are the answers? How can We the People change what appears to be our ultimate destiny?

I know I don't have the answers, I am tired, confused, and dis-illusioned, headed for a dismal existence in an uncertain future.........any and all  with answers to our problems, please feel free to post here, maybe, just maybe, together we can change the future!
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