Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What the hell is this??

Just looking around the net today, and decided to check out the NOAA weather site. This is what I found..

and then I found this one here..

Just wondering what the hell these things are?? I have been checking national radar sites daily since all the flooding in the Missouri river area and a have never seen anything like this!

So........I did a little more searching and found that Dutchsinse had seen it also and put up a video.. you can see that here.

Very strange days we are witnessing, anyone with info on these strange radar blips, please post in the comments section.

Update: from AccuWeather,

When the sun goes down and the surface begins to cool, the change in refractive index in the lowest few (to several) hundred feet of the atmosphere tend to bend the radar beam toward the surface. This bending holds the radar beam near the surface for extended distances, where it encounters scatterers that would not normally be available above the boundary layer. These scatterers include insects, bats, aerosols, particulate matter, etc., and account for the increased radar return referred to as "radar bloom."

Still seems a little strange that there are so many 'aerosols', bats, and 'particulate matter' in such a large area!

Monday, June 27, 2011

What If?

What if the mainstream media were to tell us what is really going on in the world? (they won't)

What if we knew that we are on the verge of another nuclear disaster? (some of us do)

What if the majority knew that at least 6 US states are being ravaged by wildfires with over 1.2 million acres burned to a crisp? (who cares, right?)

What if folks knew about the 3.5 million of acres of fertile farmland being destroyed by flooding? (they WILL know this one in the fall 2011)

What if the teevee showed the reality of our senseless wars? (would we cry?)

What if people remembered the Gulf of Mexico oil spill? (anyone?)

What if we stopped for a day and quit buying useless trinkets from impoverished foreign workers? (could we see our future?)

What if all of us realized that we cannot earn our salvation by working harder, longer and acquiring more stuff? (what you talkin' 'bout Willis?)

What if God really does exist? (what can I say? I'm just wondering)

Why all the questions in this post? Just because I have them!



Sunday, June 19, 2011

What IS That Smell?

It overloads my olfactory senses everyday.

It stifles my ability to enjoy the delicate aroma of a wild rose blooming in the forest.

It overwhelms my perception of everything.

The smell is from the corruption of the world. The destruction of everything that makes us human.

Nature has been putrefied from the greed of the synagog of satan, whose members have been working ceaselessly since the beginnings of time to bring us to this precipice upon which we now stand, masses of humanity squeezed into a dead end of bleak desperation.

As a result of the pursuit of baubles and trinkets, we have lost ourselves, the core of our soul has been methodically dismantled from the outside in!

We allowed our 'leaders' to poison our skies with chem-trails, under the guise of CONtrails, believing the con that this is just normal phenomena from the transport of people and products that are necessary for life as they would have us live.

This chemical alchemy being poured on humanity has given us the wonders of morgellons disease, fertile farmlands loaded with toxic aluminum and barium levels that nature would never have allowed in her wildest moment of expression.

Serpents in the disguise of men have aspired to the position of Creator. They have manipulated the basic design of the very things that make us human.

These imposter gods have been busily creating disease in their pursuit of destruction. Bacteria and viruses that only madmen could cook up in nightmarish kitchens of horror. Then to add insult to injury, they offer us 'cures' for these ungodly concoctions for those that are deemed worthy by having the 'right' amount of wealth. One only has to look to Germany to see how this is being played out with an engineered version of e-coli.

We now have genetically modified cows producing human milk under the guise of enhanced nutrition. The servants of money have engineered almost every staple grain that humanity depends on for sustenance. All under the guise of providing more food for the masses, while the masses, in reality are being starved out of the most basic ingredients of life.

Our  supply of livestock for the consumption of the masses have been pumped full of synthetic hormones and antibiotics, blended with the genetically modified feeds for the sole pleasures of those who thrill at the power to cause horrific suffering while they bask in every luxury their greed will supply for them.

Our once pure waters, having been used as sewers for the captains of industry, are causing untold disease and suffering to uncountable numbers of us. For our 'safety' personal wells are being eliminated, and forced connection to 'public' water systems is now being made mandatory. To further our compliance, after they process our sewage back into 'potable water', they find it necessary to add toxic industrial wastes such as chlorine and fluoride with the very real possibility of lithium being added to the mix.

There are so many more ways WE are being polluted and genetically changed that this blog could not hold the volumes.

The truth is that we are being changed. We are being made less human by the day. The people doing this KNOW what they are doing. My goal is to make sure YOU know what they are doing!

They would destroy our very Spirit if they could, and many are being led down that very road! The Creator is mocked daily by the media and it's cohorts in hollywood. For your complete destruction you are fed beautiful lies that separate you from the power of Truth!

While it is becoming almost impossible to stop the physical destruction of our bodies by these workers of darkness, WE can safeguard our spiritual selves!

Put off the cloak of materialism, turn off the television, regard the simple things in life with RESPECT! Seek Truth with your every breath, seek wisdom from the Divine.

Desire that which is honorable and reject that which causes corruption. Seek Peace with each other, and LOVE one another.

With Love, Hope, and Peace,


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Churning In The Washing Machine Of The Chosen

It's Clean!

It's Sanitized!

It's good for you too! Now with extra cleansing power!

It's the new and improved main stream media complemented by the "alternative news" sites.

It boggles the mind how the major news outlets downplay every disaster that has happened. It's always the same. This or that is bad but the government has it all under control. There is no outcry to action or real warnings of how to protect ourselves from this onslaught of calamity.

Now why would a free press cover up the reality of our world? To prevent panic? No, because the panic is there in everyone, it's just below the surface of consciousness! Could it be to keep us ignorant and unprepared for their depopulation plans? No, because most people are aware that there is something brewing in our future and no amount of sugar will remove the bitterness of that brew.

The tension is everywhere because reality just doesn't match up with the stories we hear form the media. On the main news feeds, the economy is OK, on the less traveled news sources we are on the verge of global collapse!

The alternative news sites are churning out stories of plague-like apocalypse,  death from radiation, sun changes, ice ages eminent, you name it, it is being published to the web to cause fear in the hearts of the citizens of this planet!

Fear is in almost everyone today. Sure we keep it hidden just beneath the surface because no one wants to appear to stand out from the herd. We take our meds, we douse ourselves in alcohol and recreational drugs to keep the panic from exploding, we are the consummate actors in the production of reality.

As we tumble in the washing machine of the powers of this world, we keep thinking that we will be cleansed of all this fear. If we just keep working and trusting our governments everything will work out. The stains on our lives just need a little pre-spot-cleaner, just a little more detergent, maybe an extra rinse cycle and all this panic will just be a bad joke that we will laugh about with our grandchildren.

The alternative "truther" blogs seem to be suffering from the same problems as the main stream news. There are some bloggers that are going from being a "light in the wilderness" to scared little men cleaning all traces of real news from their sites so as to avoid being "got by the man"!

Other sites just regurgitate stories from other sites that feed the fear factor that is responsible for the inaction of the masses.

The most truthful and honest bloggers are dropping out or questioning their abilities by reason of repeating the same message over and over is of no effect.

Lots of the "truthers" are bent on destroying the one thing that people have in their armor against the insanity. That is faith! Some trusted sources are telling us the the word of God is not the word of God. The bible is a fiction wrote to control the masses!
Others are pushing the Gnostic scriptures which are ramblings of pathetic, power hungry agents of deception who blend some of Gods truth with plenty of lies and errors.

It is beginning to look like there is no one to trust on any subjects of importance anymore. We are being washed and sanitized of the very things that make us human.

I may be stubborn, but I will continue to believe in the faith of my childhood, the Good News of The Kingdom of Heaven! I may have lots of stains on my earthly countenance, but in the coming Kingdom of God, I am promised a world without tears, a world run by the righteous for the righteous.

It all comes down to choice, continue to be tumbled by the worlds washing machine, or open the lid and crawl out.

It's all temporary anyway.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hallowed Be Thy Name

A blast from the past..........

How much did the brits know 40 years ago?

Enjoy, and remember!
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