Friday, February 18, 2011

Checking The Foundation For Cracks

Foundations are very important. Everything that exists has a foundation to support it's existence, from single cell organisms, to the largest man-made buildings, all need the basic support system given by a foundation. Concepts and organisations all need foundations, without which they have no stability.

Given the importance of the foundation, it is therefore necessary to periodically check the integrity of it, making sure there are no defects such as would cause instability of the structure that is supported. Cracks and signs of weakness in the foundation must be repaired at the time they are found in order maintain the stability of the whole, putting off this inspection and repair procedure puts the whole system of support in dire jeopardy!

As the news of protests keeps coming in from around the globe, closer inspection has revealed major cracks in the foundation of society that have been neglected for way to long. Society is showing all the sign of an impending collapse from the years of neglect and erosion of it's physical and moral supports, there also appear to be signs of deliberate vandalism and sabotage to our supports that are only visible under close scrutiny of the structure.

The U.S. has recently seen a surge in protests over the slashing of foundational support systems being implemented by the uber-rich republican governors and representatives that recently purchased positions of power across our nation. These power crazed republican shills for the zio-pharisees are hell bent on doing irreversible damage to the most vulnerable pieces of our society's foundation, the working, labor class!

Shill, Rick "The Nerd" Snyder, whose recent purchase of the Governor's title in Michigan is a perfect example of the destructive force at work across our country. He announced he will perform the duties of Governor for the paltry sum of $1 per year, proving that his primary motive is to exercise power over the commoners, not to actually improve living standards for the residents of the raped and pillaged State of Michigan!

In his first act of dictatorship, he lowers taxes for all his wealthy business buddies, and presents a budget that will increase taxes on the elderly pensioners of the state. He is raping the communities safety net programs, and gutting laws that protected workplace safety and fairness. The wealthy in Michigan are literally pissing themselves with delight at  being freed to abuse the working poor with the blessing of the State.

Wisconsin is facing the same fate for it's people, being perpetrated by the same republican zio-trash that bought the elections in their state also.

To me, it is obvious that their purpose in these attacks on the working poor are being used to destroy the foundation of this country in order to collapse our society and rebuild it in their warped and power crazed image of perfection. When everyone is desperate and hungry, they will serve their new masters with little hesitation! Desperation leads people to do things that would otherwise be unthinkable, a hungry man will do almost anything to quench his hunger!

We still have time to stop the monsters that have purchased our country, the foundation is damaged, but it is not beyond repair! If we work together, we can stop these vandals and repair our home. It will not be easy, and it will require effort, but the alternative is the collapse of our home!

Wake up, check your foundation for cracks! Do the repairs now, don't wait! Protest and refuse the usurpers of our freedoms NOW! The time is at hand and, dear reader, we will not have another opportunity!

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The hell with us says Bernanke! Global Economy means rape U.S.

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