Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We Are All Nazis Now!

With the change of Egypt's government dwindling in their rear view mirrors, the Zio-Pharisees are setting their sights on Iran once again. They are busily spinning the anti-Semitic lies about our Muslim brothers with the help of the racist organization known as the ADL.

From the Jerusalem Post:

“Dr. Matthias Küntzel, a Hamburg-based author and political scientist who is currently a research associate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was honored last week by the New York-based Anti-Defamation League for his work exposing the interplay between Nazi ideology and modern Iranian antisemitism.

“In his writing on the anti- Semitism of the Iranian regime, which he terms the ‘stepchild of German National Socialism,’ Dr. Küntzel lays bare the genocidal intent of those who are striving for nuclear weapons,” Abraham H. Foxman, ADL national director, said while presenting the ADL Paul Ehrlich-Gunther K. Schwerin Human Rights Award to Küntzel at the ADL executive committee meeting in Palm Beach, Florida.

“He makes clear that the link between the anti-Semitism of the Nazis and of the Iranian regime is not just an analogy,” Foxman said.”
The list of the enemies of Israel just seem to grow and grow, seemingly in parallel with the growing paranoia of the “chosen” ones who break every law of the God they allege to serve.

Christians are anti-semites, so are Muslims, the list seemingly grows daily! What amazes me is that these ashkenazi impostors, who consider everyone but themselves to be Goy or animals created to serve them, would even worry what a lower form of life would think about them.

From the Talmud ( the oral tradition of these zio-pharisees ):

Mas. Shabbath 31b

"On the house of the Goy [Goy means unclean, and is the disparaging term for a non-Jew] one looks as on the fold of cattle."
This collection of impostors are so scared of having their true identities revealed that throughout recorded history they have libeled, persecuted, and killed anyone who attempts to expose them for the
descendants of evil that they are! They have killed their prophets for exposing their evil deeds, Jesus exposed their lies and was killed for it!

Everywhere these “chosen people” have went they have created misery and death for the native people of the lands they entered. The Pharisaic have always sought to control and debase those who are not of the cult by usury, violence, theft, and murder. They infiltrate positions of power and are the originators of the “false flag” tactic for creating turmoil where peace was thriving!

Jesus and the money lenders
 Who would not be offended if their neighbor stole their land, killed their children, or sabotaged their livelihoods? The God of the Book that they supposedly serve rails against the practice of usury, but the impostor Semites are the masters of usury!

The warped values of these impostors are being spread to the world by the media they own. The non-pharisaic are being persecuted worldwide by the governments that they (zionists) have bought with their filthy money. The Christian mainstream religions have been infiltrated and are being used to brainwash the blind people seeking truth to empower these liars with honor they do not deserve.

It is time to remove the veil that is covering the eyes of the Gentile nations, to reclaim the values and morals that are our foundation and strength! These impostors that Jesus exposed must not be allowed to hide in plain sight any longer!

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