Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let’s start from the very beginning, a very good….

by anadianant

March 24, 2011


I’m sure many here are familiar with the famous Do Re Mi song from the Seminal Sound of Music.

Seems fitting. After the first day of my journey here, I saw a screen full of zeros when WordPress had a problem yesterday. No visitors, no comments, no nothing.

So I thought I’d take you all back to one of my earliest posts, where I laid out what I think is a core issue with us, the collective us and the “inner collective” us, the many me syndrome, so to speak. I do believe it is worth a read, especially as we see events on the outside spiraling out of control. Most such spiraling being driven of course by run-away technology. Interesting that a Nuclear reaction that is un-controllable is called a run-away reaction. Kind of makes you want to run-away any-way, ne?

But we must stand our ground, for our figurative roots need a place, howsoever temporary, to give us a way to reach deep.

I used to be a run-awayer. The new place perhaps. The new relationship perhaps. The new job perhaps? The new anything. This, here always looked un-worthy of my attention. That is not to say that movement is bad. Conscious movement, intuitive movement are excellent. A change of perspective movement. It’s running away that I’m speaking of.

As an interesting aside, have you noticed how poorly designed we are to be runners? really, even the runners amongst us need to examine that deeply, because in this fractal world, the out reflects the in and vice-versa. All the runners I know suffer greatly in the end for their efforts. Weakened hearts, weakened joints, shin splints… the gamut.

We are not meant to be runners. We are meant to be masters of the moment. Here and now. Not there and then. Stand your ground, literal and figurative, inner and outer. Notice an Aikido master. Usually rotund, seemingly heavy. See the Bushi-do sensei, wizened and wrinkled. Try then to pierce there here and now. Impossible. And yet they are everywhere they need to be, here and now. If that sounds confusing, it was meant to be. Now and here do not Exist in logic, per se. They are already gone, gone, gone, gone……now now now now now now….. there is deep wisdom hidden in the line just past….. now now now now……… there is a pulse to everything, alternating, end-less wisdom…. now here now here now here now here… and out…… see even the particle-wave duality…. now a wave now a particle, now a wave now a particle…. mind bending, ne?

Back to the now-here, spiraling out of control, running away.

Here is my take on it, written in response to an e-mail article my friend sent me, asking me what I thought of the requiem someone had written on the Death of Solzhenitsyn and our obsession with technology…

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glengear said...

I did read more the comments and your replies. I feel as if I know you a wee bit. GLEN

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