Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Power Of Insanity

Preface: What you are about to read is not by any means a medical or professional diagnosis of insanity. It is only based on my personal experiences and observations of people that have come into my life at various points in my journey.

Insanity is the new normal.

Insanity allows it's practitioners the power to control those around them to the utmost degree. Have you ever tried to argue with an insane person? Have you ever tried to reason with an insane person?
The insane have no clue about their condition, they operate in world of their own creation. They see and hear on a different plane of existence than those of us who are seeking truth.

I'm not sure if insanity is a chosen condition, an organic condition, or a spiritual condition. What I do know is this: Anyone who denies the truth before their eyes is insane!

I know people who have chosen insanity as way to cope with things they are to fearful to face. They have denied the possibility that by seeking a power higher than themselves, they can overcome their fears. Fear causes insanity by the same mechanism that darkness quenches light! They are wandering in the darkness of their fear, they touch the walls of their prison and do not recognise the doors and windows that they are touching, they refuse to acknowledge the familiar and by doing so they have eliminated any chance of escape from their darkness.

Those with an organic or physical deficiency in their brains are probably the easiest to help because they are not in denial like the other two categories are. They are able to find the doors and windows to reality if they are given guidance.

A spiritually deficient insanity shares aspects of both chosen and organic insanity.
Those with no belief in a Higher Power are no doubt as insane as the previous two. Truth is so blatantly obvious if a person even feebly attempts to find it, that there is no doubt that this type of insanity has chosen aspects to it. There is the possibility though, that the spiritual deficit is because that individual has never been exposed to to Truth or Spirit! There are those who have been isolated either by choice or circumstance! These individual may or may not be shown the doors and windows of Truth. If they have the desire to be enlightened and are exposed to Truth by caring individuals, there is a 100% rate of cure for these!

No matter the base cause of insanity, the result for those inflicted is power and control over others. They can not be persuaded by any means and they push their perspective and agenda on the weak, lazy and timid members of society with all boldness and tenacity. The insane can, with ultimate confidence and authority, control the lives of those around them.

I know and have known the insane. When I became aware of their condition, I was able to realize that I could not win a battle with them. I would not be able to persuade them of the error of their thought process.  Because of my circumstance at particular times, I was unable to just walk away from them. I had to placate their insane assumptions and actions in order to ensure my own survival!
I am not saying that I accepted their insanity, but only that I played along in order to be able to continue on with whatever goal I was pursuing.

Today, ALL government, ALL mainstream media, and ALL zio-pharisaic Jews are using insanity to control the rest of humanity. They have been granted this power by the force of darkness and the father of lies that has existed from the beginning of time!

We cannot win this battle with those who have chosen the power of insanity. However, Truth does immunize us from it!

What we can do, is to win the war! We can win it by seeking first the Power of Truth and Love in our own lives. By seeking a perfect and spiritual relationship with the Creator God! With Love we offer our Brothers Truth and Enlightenment that they may be cured of their insanity.

And yes, we are our Brothers keeper!
It is our responsibility as humans to extend a helping hand to those who have fallen.
We cannot force them to accept that hand though. The Truth must be accepted through free will.

Truth will NOT be forced! Truth will not ride in the back seat of life!

Truth cures insanity! Spread it around!

In Peace and Love,



dublinmick said...

Excellent I wish I had written this.

Avops said...

Thanks dublinmick, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

dublinmick said...

I sent it around to Mr. Kaminski and he liked it so well he sent it around on his mailing list.

Tom Wayburn said...

People who believe in a supernatural being are delusional and therefore insane. It strikes me as somewhat absurd that such people propose to cure the insanity in others. Physician, heal thyself!

chuckyman said...

Bravo Avops. That was an amazing and moving cry from the heart. Truth and compassion are the only real weapons. Anything else will merely lead us down the same sterile roads that have failed in the past.

Truth is leaking out all over the place – we have reached a critical mass. This is when we reach to others to help then survive the floodtides of emancipation. Triage will be required. Some can’t be helped no matter what, some will only survive with our help and others will get there under their own steam.

Great post

Avops said...

@ dublinmick - I am humbled, my goal is to help my fellow travelers in their journey through this life. If by sharing my observations, someone is helped, I ask for nothing else!


Avops said...

@ Tom Wayburn - If by observing the perfectly ordered structure of our universe and the beauty and wonder of the human species you are unable to belive that a Higher Power has caused everything that is...... I mourn the darkness that is your world!

Avops said...

@ chuckyman - Thank you my friend!

WillieG1951 said...

A beautifully stated work. I was guided here via email from a good friend.

Reading it has made my day better. I thank you for it, and thankful I have friends who gladly share such things with me. I will share it with others.

Avops said...

Thanks WillieG1951........ it makes my day to have made your day better! ;-)

dublinmick said...

Tom Wayburn
I did not see anything here about a supernatural being. The supernatural being (guy in the sky with white beard) it seems you are referring to is is only a chimera taught by church Inc. It has nothing to do with sanity. In fact the words of Jesus are very distorted but they do coincide with many belief systems and most closely with those of Native Americans who feel the that the earth, nature and the web of life are sacred hence the great white spirit that pervades every living cell. This is their God.

Tom I hate to say this but it appears you have embraced the power of insanity.

Anonymous said...

"They're crazy and he tells them they're nuts!"

Anonymous said...

The bad people have to sneak around in the dark to accomplish their tasks and pretend to be something they are not when the light is on. They are a bunch of losers. Dangerous, clever and viscious but a bunch of losers never the less. I can not help but laugh at their pathetic feeblenss!!! All the money in the world and everything it can buy and they are still a bunch of losers. I might be crazy because right now I am laughing like a madman!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Like an errant blast from the Big Bang, any trace of a supreme being has long since left our soulless existence, for it would surely have realized it's mistake.

Anonymous said...

I am paraphrasing from Eckhart Tolle -
The mind is a wonderful servant and a terrible master. Left to itself the mind is capable of all kinds of delusions. You are not your mind. You can control/monitor it.

Anonymous said...

Insanity is a path taken by thosewho are weak in life but the spirit inbodies true light through darkness because what is light without darkness. All hide from truth because they lie we all do truth is perception and death is the final answer.

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