Sunday, March 20, 2011

What Are You Looking For?

I come before you today in all humility. You are here today because of your desire to find the truth, to find a plausible explanation of the events and methods and reasons for the turmoil and tragedy that is encompassing our world. Those of us who parse the blogs and the alternative news sources are searching, "knocking at the door" so to speak, looking for that which will strengthen us in spirit and give us understanding and peace in our hearts that we may continue another day on this world.

There are many theories, many explanations, many modern day prophets supplying us with "truths"! Are they the real deal? Are they just tools of the PTB? I cannot answer that for you, each of us must look deep into our own pools of truth and determine this for ourselves.

The events that those of us of this generation are witnessing are awe inspiring indeed! These are the times that the prophets of old, those who have sought spiritual awakening, no matter what culture or theology that they came from, have been pleading with the world to prepare for.

Natural disasters, massive carnage caused by those "elite" (read: Pharisaic Zionist Judaism) that have been given this particular time to "reign" over the the earth are being witnessed across our planet. Famine, hunger, economic turmoil, wars, disease, racism, "holy wars", division and unbridled greed are being made manifest for those of us perched at the end of this Age.

As I type these words, I am fully aware that there are many among us that have hardened their heart against all things spiritual. There are those who will deny the Divine, the Higher Power, the Great Spirit, the all-powerful Creator. Because of the many lies the world has laid at their feet, they are unable to believe that which can only be perceived on a spiritual plane. They fall back to their childhood where they were lied to about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. They look at religion and see the million of souls killed and persecuted in the name of God and are filled with loathing at the atrocities perpetrated by these human inspired organisations of deceit!

I will now ask you to contemplate, if you will, that organised religion was created to deceive and control those who seek the truth but are spiritually weak. The powers that now control our world have been operating against mankind since the very beginning. These powers and principalities, these purveyors of wickedness that reside in places of earthly power, have only one goal that drives them. That goal is to cause the spiritual demise of humankind!

If you will accept my premise, then the following words may be of great importance to you!

As this Age begins to close, we will be exposed to many false yet believable doctrines explaining the calamities befalling humankind. We will be given seemingly correct ways of fixing the problems of this world by "elites" that appear in positions of power. Do not be deceived! With all diligence test the Spirits of these messengers of the end times. Test their words and doctrines with Truth that comes from your heart. Truth that resides deep inside of yourself that has been planted there from the beginning of your life by the all powerful, merciful and loving Creator!

The time has come to put away the illusions of childhood and become adults with fully aware minds and hearts. Do not store up your treasures in earthy goods where thieves can steal and disaster can destroy! Store up your treasure in Kindness and Goodwill to your fellow man. Store up treasure of Truth and Love that you may receive the reward promised to all of mankind by all the spiritual belief systems that exists.

Although at this time there are many roads that lead to the truth, they will all converge shortly! Those that seek truth with a pure and sincere heart will find their way! It is the will of our Creator. It is his way of separating the"wheat from the chaff"!

Dear readers, I implore you to be the "Wheat"! Not all will comprehend this message, but do not give up your Hope! To whom much is given, much will be required. To whom little is given, little is required!

Therefore, as long as you knock on the door of Truth, it will be opened for you! My hope is that you will knock on that door with all your heart, mind, and soul.

This age is closing, as for the time it will happen, I am not prepared to say.

What I do know is signs abound that the season of change is approaching!

In Love and Hope,



Anonymous said...

The truth is what we search for. TPTB are counting on us to be too weak to resist. My soul is stronger than ever with hope. The most efficient way we have left is through our blogs and opening the minds that have ben brainwashed their whole lifes. It ain't over till its over!!!
FANTASTIC POST, a pleasure to read. Thanks Glen

dublinmick said...

Need a burst of energy.... Dr. Chiappalone the man is back!

"But, having witnessed such anger in some in the past when I gave public lectures, I must add that it is really a manifestation of morbid, internal FEAR in these angry ones. They fear the fact that they are being exposed as never before in their ontological nakedness, and, if they are demons, as most demons are starting to realize that they are, they then know on the outer mind, on hearing my words, that they live nefariously, by stealing energy from others around them to the point, in time, of starving their victims to death.

They are also fearful because they know I am right about what is to happen to Earth and all its inhabitants, and they have the Fear of knowing their time is up, and the Fear of Accountability, by which I mean that they are starting to realize that they will have to go before a just Judge. And this concept, which they have tried to bury in their psyche for a long, long time, is being reflexly recalled by them, and is too much for them to bear.

Thus are they sent into the Gloom of Doom, and the soul-destroying Darkness of Despair. No one wants that for them. They have chosen their own paths."

Avops said...

Thanks for the link dublinmick! Dr. Chiappalone's home page is in my favorites list, haven't checked him in a while. ;-)

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