Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Look a friend in the eye and ask......

From our friend the Olive Farmer......

A hug for you all, dear readers, as we slip inexorably towards the unfortunate realisation that we are living in times that will become interesting to history students and make you and I say “I was there” when we have our grandchildren sitting at our knee.

Be there for that, my friends.

You will have noticed the speed at which these world altering events are unfolding with such orchestrated rapidity. The plan unfolds as does a flower, revealing petal upon petal, bursting into stamens of malignancy.


The murderers in Iraq have been dropping “illegal” bombs, “made to combine cluster and penetrator munitions”.
They killed 60 “civilian” human beings.
Ruined the lives of the those in the root systems of their existences, from mothers to casual friends, for the rest of their lives. Read the rest here.....

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