Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Great Link Sent By A Friend!

Dublinmick had sent me this link on comet elenin, this is very interesting in that government issued currency is depicting future events that the same governments are denying the existence of!

A very good read for those interested in the BIG comet coverup.

While we await these coming changes, and I really have no idea whether they will be natural or man-made (false flag), I wish you peace in your hearts knowing that your redemption is near.

Peace and Love,



Saladin said...

My rule of thumb, if the MSM is parroting it, it's bullshit, end of story.

Anonymous said...

What happened with Dm's websites?

Avops said...

DM took it down, thinking he needed to direct his energies in a different direction...

Anonymous said...

As the author says this is only a possible scenario, but I have noticed on several occasions there are those mentioning something behind Elenin. We can see however that something of this size can cause events.



Anonymous said...

Check out this search engine.


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