Friday, July 8, 2011

Welcome to the new and improved Michigan

Does Michelle Obama Know About This?

 Note: This adds a whole new meaning to "go green"!


Dublinmick said...

How are doing Avops?

Avops said...

Hey mick,

That is some water filter there, it's so effective that they banned it in Calipornia, can't take too many chemicals out of the water there, we definitly wouldn't want them coming out their stupor!

Anonymous said...

bon soir,
Front yard farms have always been one of my favourite things!

Avops said...

Me too Lavender! I cannot understand why all the strife over growing edible food in the front yard, none of this makes sense to me!

dublinmick said...

Better get one fast Avops. It is pretty much U.N. use only. You had to go on a waiting list to get one after the Haiti earthquake, the red cross and U.N. were buying them up to take over there.

They are made in the U.K. also so supplies can run out fast.

dublinmick said...

I am going to add you back to my blog. You don't have any embedded youtubes or music on here do you?

Avops said...

Mick, I'm pretty sure I have them all cleaned out, I'm still in the process of going through though....

I really don't like buying from ebay mick, I'm going to look local first, and amazon has them in stock also!

dublinmick said...

I don't care for ebay much either but you can find some incredible stuff over there. I just got a copy of Allan Eckert's biography of Tecumseh for 3 dollars, hardback. Sometimes it is listed at 99 dollars.

It is called a sorrow in our hearts. It is the most incredible book I have ever read and I am just starting on it. I strongly recommend it to anyone. It is full of actual conversations that went down. Tecumseh could write dynamite English in letters to the officers of the colonial garrisons.

He called the colonialists white beavers who ate land. He was known as the indian messiah. He went around explaining to the tribes that when the new madrid went off it was time to attack. He was born at the time a shooting star went across the sky and they named him panther across the sky.

He had schooled his brother on what to say when he had to leave prophetstown. His brother gave a big speech on how he had gone up to the clouds and was now a prophet. (the open door) Tecumseh's little sister during his talk, looked at him and asked (is that our little brother?) Can he pull this off, and Tecumseh just smiled and said "oh yes, just watch!) It is like a shakespearian play.

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