Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And Your Old Men Shall Dream Dreams!

There seems to be a lot of prophecy going on in today's world!

Maybe it's due to the ease of putting out words on the internet, or maybe, just maybe there is an actual increase in spirituality amongst the inhabitants of this blue marble on which we reside.

Either way, I've seen much more spiritual awakening lately from many sources. Countless visions of  apocalyptic futures have been scribed from countless sources. Some are believable, some are downright humorous!

This awakening has been manifesting itself in a multitude of ways. It seems that those who were of a spiritual nature have been growing in spirit. Those who are of a material nature have been growing in materialism. Those who are of a kind heart have increased their kindness and those of a cold heart have been getting colder!

My observation is that no one  will change the path they are on at this point in time. No matter how much they hear or read, they are not about to change from their chosen path. Those who will do good, let them continue doing good, those who would do evil, let them continue to do evil!

Much spiritual energy is misspent trying to change one creature into another. The only change we can successfully make is change within ourselves.

Smoking Mirrors has a good post on spirituality today, well worth the read ( if you are inclined to such things), Visible also has a link to a "prophecy" called "Has Jesus Christ Spoken?" which is also an interesting read, although for me, it has little merit. Nonetheless, there are some good tidbits in it you may store up for times of need!

Now, dear reader, as for the title of this post........

As of late, I have been having some strangely vivid dreams. I'm not about to say they are prophetic in any sense of the word, but they do have a message of future events (at least for me!).

The latest dream involved being out on what appeared to be a normal day. A sudden flash of light appeared and instinctively I dove for cover behind some debris that was near by. As I peered over the debris I witnessed a mushroom cloud rising on the horizon at what I guessed was 50 miles from my location!

Immediately there was much chaos (and I'm sure much death and destruction at ground zero of the explosion) but strangely, there was an almost immediate sense of camaraderie and oneness of purpose with those people that were around me. These were complete strangers to me, but nonetheless there was a unity that I have never experienced in my waking world.

The short of this is, I came away from this dream with the knowledge that even though apocalyptic catastrophes are going to be made manifest, much good will also be bestowed upon those whose spiritual foundations are firm.

Another dream involved me being chased by a group of men, dressed in black, with strange hats upon their heads! The overwhelming feeling was that they were out to cause severe spiritual damage to me, if not death itself.

As I was running from these men, I ran straight into the arms of the most grotesque, hideous creature imaginable. My words to this creature were "I am food" it's reply was "No, you are not!". Strangely though, instead of feeling fear of this creature, I was overcome by a feeling of peace and tranquility and safety. I came away from this dream feeling that I should not judge by appearance..........but trust that inner voice! Help can come from the place or person you least expect!

Other dreams have been showing my weakness to temptations.......these were apparently just warnings on areas in my life that need improvement. Warnings that I may not be as strong as I think I am in spiritual matters.

Anyway, this old man has been having some dreams lately.......................maybe if we listen closely, we just might learn something in these end days!




Gudrun said...

You made me laugh! :D
Loved the post. Thank you.

That photo of the dancing men is hilarious.

I do feel a teeny weeny shift amongst some people.
Maybe it´s only me being more observant and less choleric, but people aren´t all into the fear porn anymore and are staring into the abyss and it´s staring back at them. (Thanks Nietzsche)

Peace to you too.


Avops said...

"fear porn" - I hadn't heard that term before.....you made ME laugh with that one Gudrun!

Thanks for stopping by! ;-)

chuckyman said...

It’s funny the timings of life’s signposts Avops. I post less and less online these days. Not through any less desire for knowledge or desire to be rude by my silence. I’m trying to catch up with my self in a way. I need more time to look inwards.

I too have my prophetic dreams. You lie in bed just below wakefulness but not quite in sleep. No rest from it but vivid imagery. My last effort was of a wedding ceremony and lady gag was involved. I’ll spare you the details but my enduring waking thought was “I reject Satan and all his works”.

We all feel what’s coming. The more that folk are ‘in tune’ the earlier they’ll hear what’s coming. I mentioned recently that I feel like Sarah Connor in the Terminator movie – I know what’s coming but I can’t prevent it.

I’ve lived through and seen armed conflict first hand. We minimise the horror and maximise the humour – that how you ‘get by’. It is true that glimpse you felt. I have known greater warmth and love and passion in that time than in any time since. What a strange prism to weigh men’s hearts?

As for the MIB’s always turn and face them. Stand and hold your ground. Help is always close to hand.

Follow the bread crumbs of karmic intuition my friend. I’ll go back to my bottle and face the new dawn with a surprised look on my face.

Avops said...


You were one of the first to comment when I started this little (ad)venture. I truly miss your postings, for you were an inspiration to me!

I've made my share of mistakes in this life, and as I get older, I feel an urgency to find my calling!
I get no satisfaction from working for companies anymore, I put less and less value on my material possesions and I'm not sure where this will lead me.

With over a half century of experience behind me, I would like to think that I know what needs to be done, but alas, it seems that as the days go by, I am less able to understand what is required of me.

I will keep searching though, and thank you my friend for stopping by with your words of wisdom!

chuckyman said...

Thank you for your kind words Avops and I am humbled. I have come to think recently that a lot of what I was saying was simply repetition. Also the sites and blogs I visit are run by clever and sensitive folk who often know more than I. Maybe I have cast my net too far and let the conversation suffer because of it.

I understand exactly what you say and I’ve never really been one for chasing a ‘career’. As long as I can put a roof over our heads and food on the table I’m content. I try to do my best in anything I undertake and to keep my word – as old fashioned as that sounds.

I find myself focusing on finding more meaning in the time spent with family and friends. There are no pockets in shrouds. Our family is our ticket to cheating death in the legacy we leave.

Keep up the good work Avops. I may not always post comment but I do ‘lurk’. I lurked at Les Visible’s place for a long time before giving this blogging a go. Maybe old habits are harder to break than I thought (grin).

Anonymous said...

That scary as I know a few times for some reason that scene of Sarah connor hanging on the chain link fence when the nuke comes has somehow entered my mind. I am serious about this.

Computers just haven't been much fun for me lately either. It is easy to see the raft is headed for the falls.

" Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to a stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind " - Leonardo daVinci

chuckyman said...

What can I say DM. I watch every sunset and I listen to the bird song every chance I get. The prevailing thought is NOT one of fear. It is of loss. Such potential for beauty and love. No matter what, that’s what I’m taking with me.

Avops said...

Hey DM, thanks for stopping by!

Chucky, I second the sunsets and the bird songs! Perfect imagery ;-)

glengear said...

Seems the older I get the whole world becomes harder to take. When I was young, the youthful bliss masked everything. Age brings forth realities never understood before. Aches, pains mentally, physically, spiritually. Pick up the paper watch the evening news, doom, gloom, nowhere to hide. (LOVED YOUR hee-haw POST)
As the world becomes one, we feel the pain of the world together if only we could put our minds together and we the real people of the world could act as one the way it should be. Any way interesting post. I'm old, its late and I'm not sure I'm making any sense!

Avops said...

Glen, I know what you're saying!

The PTB overwhelms the people with negative news, and the people respond by withdrawing into a make-believe world of their own creation!

The withdrawn masses then allow the PTB to work all their evil, while the masses just hide.

It is the ultimate program of evil, effective and virtually unstopable.

Anyway, it is what it is!

dublinmick said...

Ride the wave!


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