Monday, April 25, 2011

Water Power

I took a drive through some very rural areas this weekend. All farmland and old farmhouses, some of which have probably been in use for at least a hundred years.

What caught my attention was the newly installed municipal water system that is being installed along these country roads. Fire hydrants every 500 feet, marker flags showing the routing to install water to these old homes.

These rural areas have used their own wells and septic systems forever! Why, now of all times, would millions of dollars be spent to hook these folks up to a centralized water system?

All the headlines scream of deficit spending and a general lack of funding for everything, and now they are able to spend on a project like this! I'm sure there is more to this than meets the eye.

In this part of the country, when municipal water is run by your home you are REQUIRED to connect to it, regardless of the condition of your well or septic system. It is also required that your well be sealed and made unusable. The municipality will hook up the water, with or without your permission, install a meter, and then bill you for the costs of installation. Failure to use this water source will result in your property being condemned and eventually confiscated by the local government!

Besides taking away the ability to be off the grid for these folks, I'm thinking there must be some other reasoning behind this confiscation of another freedom from the citizens.

Maybe this is behind the constant expansion of a centralized water supply. Section 817 of the Patriot Act!

This section deals with  domestic delivery of biological agents to the citizens of the USA. Here is another link that goes into some more detail about this.

So apparently they need the ability to get the flourides into all homes in this country! As if Amerika is not already dumbed down enough!

But wait, there is more! Apparently with many of these new water systems being installed there is a dual line with remote valving ability to be able to switch out one source of water for another. Interesting article on that here.

Just more examples of the collaboration between "local" goverments and the NWO gang!

Can you see the dark clouds rolling in yet?

Just wondering!

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