Friday, April 8, 2011

Peace In A Radioactive Wasteland!


I'll admit that I may have finally went over the edge!

But then again, maybe not.

With all the certainty of life being removed at such a rapid pace, I'm not sure that my perceptions are all that accurate anymore. It may be that the GM foodstuffs I consume have caused some type of  subtle DNA change in my brain function, it may be the cumulative effects of 50+ years of fluoride ingestion, hell, it may be some kind of electromagnetic jamming by the JPTB causing my synapses to misfire and creating an alternate reality between my ears that only I can enjoy!


There are a few things in my life that I am still completely convinced of that are true.
My days in this life are numbered. They have been since the day I was born.
No matter what I do, I will die at some point and I am completely at peace with that truth! Actually just the knowledge that my days are numbered bring me a great amount of peace. I would really dread having to go through all the crappy stuff going on in this world forever!

Which brings me to the title of today's post.

Gudrun over at Endwell Road,  has a post up today with a video of a tour into the exclusion zone surrounding the Fukushima nuclear facility. You can check it out over at his site or here, I found it quite awesome.

The area shown in the video has a beautiful, yet desolate aura to it. The lack of people and cars and the general hub-bub of daily life is charmingly absent. Cattle are roaming the streets freely, dogs are doing their doggy things without the threats of modern civilization to hinder them. The video shows garden plots that seem to be very healthy, providing a source of food for those in the area. ( If there is anyone still around)

View from an abandoned apartment in Pripyat
This video of the Fukushima area gives me the same feeling that the pictures of Pripyat (Chernobyl) give me.

My soul wells up with a longing to live in an area like that! To have access to shelter, land to grow crops on, no taxes to pay, no government or law enforcement to hassle me about every aspect of my life.
To be able to hunt for my meat without restrictions imposed by government, to have my only job be providing for my day to day needs. This seems like a "heaven on earth" scenario to me.

Woman living in "dead zone" of Chernobyl
Granted, I may have a shorter lifespan living in one of these areas, but the freedom would more than make up for that! I would gladly sit down to a meal of radioactive vegetables (freshly harvested, no chemical fertilizers), freshly killed, albeit radioactive, wild game. Everything in these areas that have been declared as "exclusion zones" seems to be filled with lush vegetation and and a cornucopia of wildlife! All "organically" grown and nurtured without the assistance of man's chemical and biological enhancements.

Here is one of the better collections of photos from the "dead zone" of Pripyat. Note: Image heavy content, may take a few minutes to load the page!

Maybe Ann Coulter's blathering about radiation being good for you have some merit. In doing some research on this matter of radiation, I came across something called the "radiation paradox" the theory of which explains how plant and animal life are able to thrive in relatively high radiation areas.

I just keep wondering if these exclusion zones are being created by the elite, for the elite! Maybe they are setting aside areas that will be untouched by mankind for decades, using scare tactics to keep us huddled in misery in the overcrowded polluted cities they are condemning us to.
These areas will be allowed to return to a clean and organic state so that the "Chosen" and their families will have a place to live in, free from the chemical and genetic poisons they are filling our planet with!

Maybe this radiation scare is just another lie being fed to the masses, piled upon the thousands of other lies we have believed!

Rooms with a view, tax free!
Maybe my desire for freedom has grown stronger than my desire to live without freedom!

Maybe what the Powers That Be want us to be afraid of are the very things that will make us free.

Maybe we should all just stop for a minute, and quit playing our part in this game "They" are pushing on us.


This last link is a MUST READ!


Timster said...

Could be. Brilliant post!

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Avops if I remember correctly, from an old C4 TV prog here in UKplc, stay away from the fungi and wild boar, they concentrate the nasties.

BTW welcome, what took you so long to join?

As an aside I mentioned at my shop that Fukushima had HAARP most likely on defence so the nuclear mess was an attack from NK designed to seriously phekk over the nucleides stored there. Scalar weaponry really messes with nuclear properties. If you check Chernobyl guess where the power was going from the plant? A scalar facility, feed back buggered the pile.

That explains the total chaos and Keystone coppery we have witnessed in both cases. Esp. nuclear weapon free Japan.

WW3 kicked of ten years ago we just don't get it yet.

Avops said...

Hi Incoming,

I truly wish I could stop by your shop and listen in on the conversations you have......I'm sure I could learn much!! Not to mention maybe get a taste of some of that fine cider you have talked of!

I'm not sure if I had this link posted when you stopped by, so here it is again...

A very good read on life in the dead zone of chernobyl!

Avops said...

Timster - Thanks!

Avops said...

Incoming - I found a good link on the scalar technology you mentioned...

Interesting read ;-)

dublinmick said...

I actually read all that, interesting piece. Living itself is dangerous says the Ukrainian. He got that one right. I have noticed a certain amount of melancholy among the bloggers lately. This piece gives hope that some of us may last long enough to witness the pole shift anyway.

Avops said...

dublinmick - I too liked that quote "Living itself is dangerous"!

I also sense the melacholy in the community, the JPTB is wearing on all of us with their constant barrage of lies......... we need to remove their power from us, lest they prove to themselves that they really are "chosen"!

If we could organize a movement in which everyone just stopped........ buying, selling, working, paying taxes, throw their materialistic bullshit at them and tell we don't need it or want it anymore......What a powerful statement that would be........ahhh, but I suppose 'tis just a wishful thought!

Peace my friend,


D.R. said...

No, it's far simpler. They have to evacuate people because otherwise they are forced to admit they killed people.

dublinmick said...

AVOPs in the spirit of lightning things up. You are probably one of the few who might get a laugh out of this rant.

glengear said...


Anonymous said...

Go there most every day! Nothing to worry about at all. At least, from my armchair;

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