Friday, April 1, 2011

The Silence Is Deafening!

Maybe it's just me.

The lack of anything profound coming from the news media, either MSM or alternative, is making me feel really weird!

There has been this overpowering lack of any substantial news or blog posts or just about anything. It's just seems wrong!

We are in the midst of THE worst nuclear disaster in history and other than some spew about the technical aspects of radiation and the outright fear mongering posts on the popular alternative news sites, there is nothing about what plans are in place to deal with this radiation problem. What's a little plutonium poisoning amongst friends? I feel like I'm in some kind of a space-time vacuum.

The U.S. is working overtime in Libya trying to replace the leader of another country and all we get are sound bites from the news people. No word about how outraged most here in the U.S. are over being sucked into another war, nothing on how it is crippling our economy, just pablum being fed to the starving minds looking for some type of leadership!

The stock market seems to be feeding at a furious rate on all this bad news.......that in itself makes no sense! Who is doing all this investing? I know it's not my neighbors because they are all just barely making it from week to week.

The MSM is warning how home foreclosures are about to sky-rocket again, that sure can't inspire any confidence in the economy.
The MSM is also touting how unemployment is going down, but from what I see, there are no more jobs now than in the last 2 years, if anything jobs for average Americans seem to be more scarce! Still, there is no mention of the outrage people are feeling and no solutions are being offered.

I get the feeling the PTB is just letting us drift in this crushing silent vacuum of information just to see how long before we go stark, raving mad!

They downplay the seriousness of all this tragedy going on in our world, radiation, meat glue, GMO food, fluoride, DU, Arab wars, ..........don't worry your little selves over this stuff, if it were bad for you, rest assured we would tell you!

Please feed us something of substance in the news please! We know it will probably be a lie, but at least it will give us something to discuss!

This vacuum You in the PTB are keeping us in is inhuman!

The silence is deafening!!


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Avops don't frett, the who'll/whole load of bull malarkey is going to hit the great big turny thingy soon enough. Enjoy the silence. I'm getting a load of K-Pop through my ears right now since the comms we've enjoyed are going west soon.

As I've said at my shop many times hard copy on PAPER as much as you can. Organise with those you can trust a print rota.

We are being groomed to enjoy darkness, cold and radiation, the Coulter bird with the Adam's apple, and it may improve our tomato production a la Chernobyl.That's why Argentina got torped ten years or more ago. Cheap real estate for TPTB to go and hide in. So they think.

In the end though only the truth will survive because as Tsarion says "Truth stands unsupported by propaganda and lies".

The whole charabang has reached the stage of there being no buffer zone to absorb, no shock absorber, no crumple zone, no untouched land of the free to attenuate the long sought eradication of civilisation.

If in the devastation there are no propaganda functions, only truth and lies, those who remain can tell the difference instinctively. So keep your lists up to date.

If as you forage for food you see one of the fools that caused all the destruction make sure you look into their eyes as you twist the knife.

Make sure they know before their light goes out that they were on your long readied list.

Heads up Avops.

Avops said...


Thanks my friend, for the words of encouragement!

It has been one of those weeks and I just needed a good rant to clear my head.(grin)

I WILL take your advice to heart though,'cause it seems like damn good advice to me! ;-)

dublinmick said...

They are doing something, they are building us one more of those MOX plants in Savannah, Georgia. Never say there is no news even if it is bad news. They are not slowing up, they are building more clean green energy!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Avops,...Nice rant, you should always let go, it is the only answer to the plethora of mediocrity that abounds here in bloggerspace and down there on Planet Shyte.

Remember, most of the self-styled "Truthers" are actually impotent wannabes playing the role of dress-extras to the revolution, which is why they shun passion and unbridled honesty; if it wasn't for these hobbyist fantasy-play social-commentator Blogger intelligentsia and their thirteenth century dance etiquette reportage, the yids would shut this shit down in a heart-beat.

Polite dissertation and "Rational anti-Semitism" (oxymoron). Are controlled pressure release valves for the yiddish khazars.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

Quote: John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Only the real threats to the yiddish 'Establishment' get shek-inar, oops, Shock & Awe bombing raids.

Fight like the life of your children depends on it - Bodicea rules OK!


chuckyman said...

I think Incoming pretty much nailed it Avops. Scream it out because the cry of distress is something that real humans (not the self appointed psychopaths) are instinctively tuned to respond to.

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