Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Taste Of Summer And The Breath Of God!

What an absolutely wonderful day in the Great Lakes of Michigan!

No thanks to Rick "the nerd" Snyder. But him, and his evil minions are another story for another day!

80 degrees, sunshine, and wind. What a wonder it is to watch God's hand in nature. Puddles of what once was snow, are drying into what will be another fertile field  in which to sow the seeds of my choice!

Last years remnants of crops and various trimmings, have been reduced to a small pile of white ash.

I had sat down to explain the wonder that I felt while watching this take place, but I think words will fail me.

Of all the creatures on earth, we are the only ones that can control fire! We can start it at will, we can control what it burns, we can decide when it has completed it's task. We are the only one's allowed to cook our food, we are the only ones that can provide heat against winter's chill!

What an awesome ability we possess, what an awesome responsibility comes with that power!

I sat on a stump today, watching the fire burn and studying the process! With the proper mix of wind and fuel, the wet brush can be coaxed into a quite a hot fire!

Now, I can provide the fuel ( in a manner of speaking), and I can provide the source of ignition, but the that is very visible proof of the power of God! Even my dogs are in awe of the power of wind!

As I sat on my stump, absorbing the day, washing down the last of my pint, I  had a vision of my place in the system!

By the Grace of God, I have been given power over a certain part of my life. The rest, is dependent on the grace and will of The Divine.

In order to maintain the balance that will guide me onward through my life, I must realize what is in my control, and what is controlled by The Divine. If I try to control what is not mine to control, the results will be catastrophic! I need to remember my place in the order of this life.

If only I could put together the  words to explain what I am feeling this day, but alas, it is not meant to be.
My wish is that if there is any wisdom in this writing, that you can find it! If there is any wisdom that you lack, ask the Divine to reveal it to you!

The Creator is more than willing to share, if only you will take the time to listen!

Time is NOT money, time is FREE!


glengear said...

SMOKING DUDE, WE MUST BE READING EACH OTHERS MIND OR BE SIMILIAR IN AGE GROUPS. Ha, ha, ah. I got a old age pain and I slipped a mite, sorry!!! GLEN

Gudrun said...

I got it!
The unspoken words.... :)
The fire that burns on the outside is a fire that burns within.

It truly was a magical weekend. Sitting in my own garden watching the birds, the ants, being warmed by the sun, a feeling of deep peace came over me. A "knowing" that all of THIS is a miniscule part of a much bigger DIVINE plan.

Thank you for your musings, they truly resonated with me.


Avops said...

Thank you my friends! ;-)

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

I'll second that Avops.

Penny said...

It is sad to think that of all the creatures on earth we have so much going for us, and the human race, almost entirely acts like a bunch of morons.

dublinmick said...

Check this complete meltdown.

A13 said...

HI Avops,
Great post, Nature is part of our truth as humanity, it gives us life, nurtures us and consumes us when we expire..we need to respect the divineness of nature and our place within it to really resonate with the divine essence that is the all.
Cheers A13

Avops said...

LOL dublinmick........that youtube guy was seriously bent......I stopped counting f-bombs after 60..... ;-)

Avops said...

@ Penny - It really makes me wonder if freedom to choose was the best option the Creator could have given us.

On the other hand, it makes it a lot easier to find the weeds growing amonst us!

Freely choosing the right path though is an honorable thing ;-)

Penny said...

Hey avops:

the idea that we are "free to choose" is a good one, one I believe in, one I feel strongly humanity should engage in....BUT!!!

The level of propaganda, mind control or management perception makes the concept of "free to choose" an impossibility.

Free to choose what?
Between tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber.
The way everything is presented to us, is done to limit us, to prevent us, to impede us from exercising our freedom to choose.

Example: how many people would choose to go to war knowing they risk disablement or death?

I am not talking about defending oneself and ones family.

I am talking about invading foreign nations and killing other people who have done you no harm.

Who would choose to engage willingly in that?

The percentage would be a slim, slim one.

However thanks to the promulgation of propaganda, extolling the virtues of god and country and freedom and all other manners of feel good sales pitches.

People choose to go to war.

But was it freely choosen?
Or were they manipulated?

su said...

am so delighted i found you.
i was over at penny's and all the links on the side, your name stood out.
total resonance.
beautiful writing.
so pleased to have met you.
veriword" exicleur

Avops said...

Hi su!

Thank you for your kind words....and I'm glad you found me also!

BTW........added your site to my blog list, you have a very nice site too ;-)

Avops said...

Hey Penny,

I guess I should have been more clear on the choice issue. I was refering more to spiritual choices, how we treat our fellow man, how we relate to the Divine!

I truly believe that collectivly we know right from wrong and we conciously make these choice everyday!

Those that join the military know full well that they will kill or be killed, but they choose that option for financial perks or as a personal status or power trip.

The majority of the human race is pretty smart, they just choose light or dark based on whatever side they belive the power to be in, they may be decieved, but it is a willing deception!


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