Friday, January 7, 2011


I have been so tired lately, soul breaking, bone crushing tired!
Everywhere I look on the web there are signs of the end of our civilization as we know it. The recent worldwide bird and fish kills, the real threat of global starvation from spiraling food prices , the outright raping of our social support systems, and on, and on , and on.........

The future is looking so bleak for so many, it's just mind-boggling.
No wonder so many are just shutting down, mentally and spiritually......none us were prepared for the reality that we may soon be fighting for a place to lay our heads at night, a hot meal, clean water, and even the possibility of being imprisoned by those who rule us. This wasn't supposed to happen here, these are the things that happen to Third-World, uneducated, dictator run peoples.

Sure, we have been watching the signs for at least 10 years now, but we were just making conversation, pretending that it was just paranoia, working our jobs and thinking that these stories about people losing everything and living in tents only happened because these were stupid folks, maybe drug addicts or mentally ill, not people like us! But now, it's here, and I mean in your face here! Every day, I see more houses for sale or just empty. Every week I see the lines at the local food bank get longer. Every month I see the wages of job openings (what few there are) drift closer to minimum wage. And now our rulers are seriously talking of eliminating minimum wages laws!

Let's do some quick math here, $8.00/ hr X 40 hours = $320.00 pre-tax money. Just for simplicity, lets say 10% of that $320.00 is taken for taxes, that leaves $288.00 a week, so in an average month you will have $1152.00 to spend on necessities to keep going to your minimum wage job.


-$500.00 - rent
-$150.00 - utilites ( gas/electric)
-$25.00 - laundry cost
-$250.00 - food
-$20.00 - personal hygiene needs
-$200.00 - gasoline/ vehicle maintenance
-$50.00 car insurance
equals minus $43.00 a month!

Now we are really doing great here, right? What if you happen to get sick, or have a major breakdown of your car? But this is the future our rulers have in store for us!

What power do we have to change this future? None from what I can see, our Government is untouchable anymore, Business is salivating at the thought of getting college educated workers at the lowest possible wage because of the desperation of the working class. Speaking of college education....see this

All of my brother bloggers out here are pointing out the same general problems in society that I am, some like to blame the Zio-Pharisees, some want to blame the Government, others just put the blame on We the People. It really makes no difference at this point who is to blame for our dire situation, the fact remains that this is today's reality.

We are being pacified by the fluoridated water supply, our health is being stripped from us by processed, genetically modified foods, our spirituality is being beaten down by the media and the money-worshiping preachers in most mainstream religions.
So now that we all know what our future lives are most likely going to be comprised of, what are the answers? How can We the People change what appears to be our ultimate destiny?

I know I don't have the answers, I am tired, confused, and dis-illusioned, headed for a dismal existence in an uncertain future.........any and all  with answers to our problems, please feel free to post here, maybe, just maybe, together we can change the future!


Bladerunner said...

Welcome to the dark side. You've been added to the blog list at Apocalypse Wave. Glad to have found your excellent blog.

Avops said...

Thanks for the kudos Bladerunner, we all need to keep telling the truth, maybe we CAN make a change, together!

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