Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!!

Good afternoon, this is Avops with Todays Fearline News, at the top of the news today, BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID!!! Thats it for today's news, thank you and good night.

Seriously.........we should all be scared shitless, I mean standing around with wide open eyes, shaking knees, back of your pants drooping from emptying your bowels kind of scared shitless!
With everything that is going on in the world right now, the only thing our Main Stream Media can focus on is the shooting of a U.S. representative who was virtually unheard of till this incident. Not that this isn't important, but damn, we are killing hundreds across the globe in our various struggles for democracy and freedom every phekking day! Israel is killing Palestinians everyday in the name of freedom and democratic principles. So let's have some Fair and Balanced News reporting out there! Come on, we know you have got highly paid shills stationed across the globe, so lets hear from them. Unless their pants are full of shit also, there IS a LOT of fear out there, so I suppose it keeps them busy wiping their shit-covered asses and changing their pants instead of reporting the news.

I think I may be rambling here, I'm not sure though because the frikking Fluoride in my drinking water has really got my brain all docile and kind of weird today, plus the damn Chemtrail dust is settling all over my damn computer, and I keep stepping on the flipping Dead Birds my cat keeps dragging in the house, plus the smell of tons of dead fish and crabs has got me nauseous. And then there are all the damn Foreclosure notices piled up everywhere because I can't find a fekking job that pays anywhere near the wage my last job paid.

On top of all this, I am running out of GMO food that that I have to share with all the other unemployed lazy motherputters that can't find a Job, standing in line at the food bank, because my tax dollars are paying American corporations to send my fracking work to some country that has even less food and human rights than I do.
Oh yeah, and my tin foil hat keeps vibrating so hard from the god-awful HAARP emissions that are changing the weather around this sorry-ass planet, so the damn grain shortages in Russia are really cutting into my Food Stamps purchasing power, which wasn't even enough to begin with, not to mention that I would much rather have a JOB to buy my own food anyway!!
Wow, I really think I need a larger dose of ##@**! Paxil or Lexapro or whatever the hell it is I'm taking to stop me from the depression that I think I have because everything is so freaking weird all the motherdripping time!

I would pack up my shit right now and move to someplace in the U.S. that has a good economy, but I can't seem to find that place no matter what I type into Google. Plus there seems to be some kind of fuel shortage going on that is raising the price of gasoline so high that all I can do is sit in my car with the radio on. Of course there are rumors that the problem with the skyrocketing prices of everything is being caused by the Federal Reserve Bank printing so much new money through QE 2 or 3 or whichever one they are on now, is making my Fiat Federal Reserve Notes worth less by the day, but the Main Stream Media just can't seem to get to the bottom of this particular mystery.
For God's sake people, can't we get SOMEONE in charge of all this shit inspiring, fear drenched, fucked up, shriveled up, starving, blood covered planet we call home, to understand that we get the message already??? Seriously, we get it!!! You have all our money, all our rights, all our freedoms, our childrens futures, and every other #@#@#! thing I can think of in your tender loving hands! We get it!

So quit scaring the crap out of us, NOW!!!                                   
I really fucking mean it!!!!
Just as soon as I get this damn Cheetos dust off of my fingers and finish my dollar-a-glass beer, I am so gonna BLOG YOU, you wont know what hit you!!

******* NEWS FLASH******

********** BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID *********

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Saladin said...

Cool blog, thanks for joining mine. I notice you have the revolver map. I used to have it but it sure wreaks havoc on downloads so I got rid of it.

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