Thursday, January 13, 2011

Passing Gas, The New World Order Way

Here we go.....

Reports are coming out that the recent bird and fish kills are being caused by Phosgene Gas  released during the regularly scheduled Chemtrail fly-overs. Allegedly, the people reporting this have documents to support this theory and are urging us to contact the media.

Phosgene Gas is considered a WMD ( weapon of mass destruction ) under international laws.

Phosgene gas poisoning can also mimic flu symptoms. This leads me to speculate on the recent "clustered" outbreaks of flu being reported at various cities around the globe!

E-medicine web sites on Phosgene Toxicity

The video posted below features  Colleen Thomas alleging this gassing of our planet by the chemtrail brigades we see in action everyday across our skies.

I will attempt to find some credible sources to verify this allegation, and will post more at that time!

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