Thursday, January 27, 2011

The State of Denial

I have done a lot of reflecting lately. I see all these terrible things going on across our world, the mass animal deaths, the poisoning of our food supply, the destruction of of our economies, the corruption of our political and spiritual leaders, etc, etc.

And yet, so many people are in denial of everything that is right before their eyes! Some days I curse this ability I have been given to see through all the bullshit. Most of the other people I know are carrying on their lives like this is just a bump in the road, something that will fix itself if only they keep a "positive attitude" and ignore the people labeled as "doom and gloomers".

If I had a choice, I would love to wake each day and be able to be happy and ignorant of the terror that surrounds us, believe me, I have tried! Apparently my brain is wired differently, or it's like certain drugs, once experienced, the neural networks in your brain are forever sensitised to it's effects.
Whatever the reason, among my circle of social contact, I'm the only one seeing the 800 pound pile of steaming shit in the living room, and no one else has access to a shovel except myself.

This is the typical day of the person that shares my house:

  1. Get up from bed about 10:00 am
  2. Log onto Facebook
  3. Tune the television onto the Today show, The View, and the soaps, after which the rest of the day the teevee is tuned to one crime drama or another.
  4. Eat whatever is the quickest and least nutritious food they can squeeze in between Farmville, Cafe World, Frontier Land, and Petville, sprinkled with lots of IM chats and quickie shape blasting games.
  5. Drink some sort of alcoholic beverage as soon they they get any kind of feeling that there may be something going on in the world that might not be quite right
  6. Spend time on the phone talking about their online games with people just like themselves
  7. Go to bed, repeat 7 days a week!
And the thing that grinds my ass, is that they are actually happy! I just don't get it. I want that, but for some reason I'm denied this simple happiness because I opened my mind to the truth, and there is no going back.

It's a heavy burden I bear, but if I can do nothing else in this life, I hope that this account will prevent anyone that is thinking of venturing into the valley of truth, to think hard and long before doing it!

Once Truth is experienced, there IS NO GOING BACK!!!!


Li Freeman said...

I think if you add go to a mindnumbingly pointless job you hate, then you can lump a lot of people into the same sort of routine.

Avops said...

Li - Thanks for the addition to the list, people I have worked with consider me to be one of the "doom and gloom" types. All they want to do is be left alone in their little routine and be on time for the latest sale at Walmart!

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Avops. Cheer up. There are billions with us. Rejoice in our freedom? :-)

Avops said...

INCOMING!!!!!!! - thanks for that, I had almost forgot, "The Truth Shall Set You Free"! Silly me, I went and got all serious ;-)

Gudrun said...

I hear ya!
I too am dismayed, saddened and frustrated but also think that there´s enough "shake-rattle-´n-roll" happening all over the world right now, that more and more people are waking out of their comfortably numb psychosis.

As long as we never give up chipping away at their dark caves of ignorance. Then maybe one day they will become exposed to a little light of truth and another level of awareness enters their consciousness.

If nothing else, your blog serves as a reminder to you and others that visit these pages, that there is more to life than the illusion visible to us on a three dimensional level.

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