Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This Silent Night - A fiction for your enjoyment....

This fictional account, begins in a time in the not to distant future of our world, for your consideration I humbly present.........



It was a clear, dark night. Stars glittered through the frosty fog that blanketed the high desert steppes of northwest Kazakhstan like a fine veil adorning a mystical god. In the center of the New City, a towering gold and glass pyramid sat like an immense and priceless jewel perched upon the head of a barren queen. The interior of this pyramidal structure, appropriately named “The Throne”, was adorned with occult relics predating even the ancient Babylonian culture that inspired it's construction.

While parts of the world slept, dreaming the dreams of the eternally oppressed, other parts of world were busily carrying out the work assigned to them by the Mitzvah Administration Council established by The Chosen during the period known as The Awakening.

On this particular night, marking the occurrence of the Winter Solstice, The Chosen were gathered around a sun shaped table located in the exact center of The Throne. An ethereal glow surrounded the immense gilded table at which the Chosen were seated. The Chosen represented all kindred’s, peoples, and nations of the world, and in their previous positions had been Rabbis, Cardinals, Imams, Priests and Presidents. All shared an unquenchable, sinister allegiance to their Messiah who had recently revealed himself via closed circuit televisions, networked throughout the religious and political seats of power.

The events leading to this particular meeting had been meticulously played out over centuries. Agents of the Red Shield, through supernatural and demonic correspondence from the spiritual realms of the Messiah, had been instructed on the pacification and demoralization of the earths population in preparation of this momentous day.

The elimination of natural farming, culling of the animal life, and manipulation of weather systems, coupled with the distribution of toxic chemicals over the planet, had brought the “cattle”, as they liked to refer to the general populace, to complete and utter despair. The Red Shield, which is the financial and media arm of The Chosen, had destroyed the wealth of the nations, and the resulting poverty had made the cattle ripe for this final step of complete control.

The aura in the meeting room of The Throne was thick with anticipation. After all, the Chosen had long awaited this day. Their heads bowed in reverence, their bodies rippling with a combination of fear and euphoria gave the illusion of a giant beast in the throes of a ritualistic, orgasmic coupling.

A lone trumpet sounds. The glowing sun-shaped table begins to pulse in a grotesque, yet somehow entrancing mix of colors and shapes. At the center of the table and slightly above it's surface, the holographic image of the Messiah suddenly springs forth like a magical phallus. With his ever present guardians, three on his right and three on his left, the scene is strangely reminiscent of a living Menorah. The Chosen fall to their knees at the sight of His countenance, not so much out of reverence, but out of fear that they may displease the One from whom their power was given.

The image of the Messiah slowly begins to rotate, surveying His Chosen Ones. Ever so slowly a smile forms on His strikingly handsome face, and a golden glow slowly envelopes his image, His lips part, and he begins to speak, “Arise my faithful and devoted servants, for in this night My destiny is about to be fulfilled”.

To be continued..........

Chapter 2 here...


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Thanks Glen, I have been hit with some serious real life problems lately, but hope to heve another installment soon, thanks for the feed back ;-)

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